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Meditation is worth a Try!

I really enjoy my yoga community! For getting started meditating, I’ll share a few things that work for me. Meditation has calmed me, lowered my blood pressure, increased my air intake by 200% (yes, I measured), and made my life “lighter”. Phone Picture Fall 2012 429This may be something you are interested in…. so give it a try!  I’d also recommend relaxation yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and attending Compline at Stanford University Chapel (Sundays 8pm) or finding a mediation or yoga hiking group.

I often have ‘monkey mind’ after work and dinner… that makes meditating difficult. Also, experiment with different times of day or days of week and various places. You’ll find one that works.

  1. Take a silent walk around your block at home. Being outside can reset your mind.
  2. Get in the most comfortable position to meditate (but not sleep)… try a chair, if sitting on a mat is not working.
  3. Use bolsters/pillows to stabilize your posture, eye pillows (or washcloths work) to gently shut out light, trying relaxing from head to toe first, calling each area and consciously relaxing that spot.
  4. Breathing – (this is my biggest help!) imagine a square.
    1. Inhale: Count 1 2 3 4 slowly while breathing in  – imagine moving from Left to Right along the top of the square
    2. hold breath for 4, imagine moving down the right side of the square
    3. Exhale: count to 4, gently exhaling, imagine moving from Right to Left on the square.
    4. hold breath for 4, imagine moving up the left side of the square
    5. Repeat  (you may alter the number of counts to 2 or 3 or 5 depending on your breath, but keep a consistent number on each side of the square), the calmness and repetition combined with giving your brain “something to do” really helps.
  5. Meditate with a friend or a sleepy dog or with white noise. To involve your sense of smell try a bit of lavender essential oil on your palms / or soles of feet.


Satori Yoga Studio – Yoga Time for Us!

Sometimes there is something you are wishing for ….. and voila…. like magic… You find it!

Downtown SF, a great place to work, but it can be stressful. What to do? Yoga always helps. I couldn’t find a studio until now. Andrea Stern is the founder, dedicated to you and yoga, funny, friendly, resilient and welcoming. There are many classes and instructors to choose from.

You’ll want to check this studio out, here is the schedule for this week:  http://satoriyogastudio.com/schedule/#Thu


There is yoga, Pilates, massage, meditation and more. THE SPACE is beautiful, airy, high ceilings from another time period. Come enjoy friendly, relaxing, happy yoga….. and unwind.


110 Sutter Street Suite 100

San Francisco, CA 94104


Open Heart Yoga Festival May 2 – 3

The Open Heart Yoga Festival is only 2 weeks away    so excited!!!
Don’t wait… Buy your tickets TODAY at openheartyogis.com/ohyf-sign-me-up
Also, dig into your giving yoga nature…

SEND Your Love to us in donations $$ —  Time  24/7 —- or Social Media! 

  • Donate to the festival at openheartyogis.com/support-ohy. The festival does not fund itself… We need your help and support.
  • Jump on FACEBOOK and Like us! Share our Good News of this event.
  • Post info on Linked In, pictures on Instagram and others.  Let’s get the WORD out!

A BIG THANK YOU in advance!

And dear ones, when you post or tweet or FaceBoook….. use these hashtags below to enhance the search tools to FIND US! We are MANY…. yes we are….. hear us whisper…. namaste! 
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About Open Heart YOGA   Open Heart Yoga — is just what it sounds like! Started with the Yoga program certification of YOGA Teacher Training at College of San Mateo, this group is dedicated to opening our hearts and enjoying health fitness and yoga for students, our community, and our Bay Area. Our students have great training and once they are certified in the 200CYT class, they go out to teach and make the world a better place. WE are amazing, and we are doing good deeds. Come join us! Denaya Dailey is our wonderful teacher.

Adam Lapierre Yoga

Adam Lapierre – This teacher does Yoga on the Labyrinth and Yoga Flow…. he has a devoted following.

After a 3 week hiatus due to Teacher Training and Independence day, Yoga for Beginners is BACK (and still Free!) on Friday from 3-4 PM. I’m also thrilled to lead Basics & Beyond on Sunday from 11-1PM (Sliding Scale $8-$18). These are perfect classes for Beginners and experienced practitioners looking to refine their practice.

If you’re in the mood for a strong, dynamic flow experience, please don’t forget that the Hour of Power classes I get to lead on Tues/Thurs/Fri from 5-6PM are still just $10.

Photo: After a 3 week hiatus due to Teacher Training and Independence day, Yoga for Beginners is BACK (and still Free!) on Friday from 3-4 PM. I'm also thrilled to lead Basics & Beyond on Sunday from 11-1PM (Sliding Scale $8-$18). These are perfect classes for Beginners and experienced practitioners looking to refine their practice. </p><br /><br /><br />
<p>If you're in the mood for a strong, dynamic flow experience, please don't forget that the Hour of Power classes I get to lead on Tues/Thurs/Fri from 5-6PM are still just $10 to drop-in!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Lesson and Fun!

If you have been waiting for the warmer weather to try this out…. It’s here.  Boardsports School and Shop  in Alameda is ready for you!

Boardsports School and Shop Alameda at Crown Beach Memorial Park
Intersection of Westline Dr and Otis Dr
If you are using a GPS enter 600
Alameda, CA 94501

 It’s summer time, so why not enjoy the beautiful bay in a splendid way!? You will get a chance to learn how to properly paddle board, AND get to do it around the bay with beautiful scenery so don’t worry if you have never done it. Now’s your chance to learn the right way!

What better way for ocean lovers to enjoy the water than to paddle around the bay in Alameda. Learning to paddle board opens up a whole new world of many sports and activities:
  • paddle board yoga – you will really know if you are off-balance!
  • paddle board fishing – you can strap your gear on the front or back, some people even fly fish from paddle boards
  • maybe even going to Venice and trying out Gondolas, or the Thames to do a bit of punting. 
Paddle boards can help you explore more tours and new adventures with your new sport!
Boardsports does have wet suits if necessary (for summertime paddling, they don’t think you will need one) and they are $12 to rent.  Make sure to wear clothes that are quick drying because they WILL get wet (cotton is not be the best choice).  Bring a change of clothes, water and a snack. You will work up an appetite out here.

Wonderful Ayurveda Event Saturday April 26


Dr. Rucha is a long time practitioner of Ayurveda and yoga, she has insightful messages to share that will help us de-stress, and learn more about the time-honored techniques of Ayurveda.  ** Contact information, and for more information!

Yoga: The Art of Transformation

The Asian Art Museum’s fantastic exhibit continues through May 25, 2014. There are so many featured events, you should look at the web site to get the details. The special treat for all of us, is each Thursday Evening the museum is open until 9pm AND

  • Thursday April 3 6pm – Ann Dyer will bring in the power of sound
  • Thursday May 1 6pm – Mark Morford, an SF Chronicle columnist and yoga teacher, leads a yoga class
  • Regular entrance fee is $12, for Thursday nights it is $10. A few Sundays are free (sponsored by Target)
  • Yoga classes are also happening on First Sundays…. get there EARLY, bring your mat!!


The Asian Art museum is in the San Francisco Civic Center – easy to reach by BART and MUNI.  It is a beautiful building – it is a piece of art as well!

Buddha Pants

Buddha Pants, a company dedicated to making practical and versatile apparel, recently launched their signature pant, The Buddha. Made from 100% organic fabric and dyed with plant-based material, the eco-friendly “Buddha” takes into account a yogi’s day before and after the sun salutation.

Buddha Pants is committed to offering thoughtfully designed products that complement one’s way of life. Similar to harem pants, The Buddha, Buddha Pants’ signature pant, are loose trousers that are gathered at the ankle and can be easily stuffed into its pocket. The pants themselves give the illusion of a large triangular skirt but have flexible cuffs that can be pulled up on the calf to create different looks.

Inspired by my passion for yoga and the silhouette of the harem pant, I wanted to create something adaptable, a pant that was more than just another pant. We at Buddha Pants are dedicated to creating multifunctional travel-ready apparel focusing on comfort and encouraging an active lifestyle.  — said Rachel Raab,Buddha Pants founder

The Buddha is currently available for purchase on their website – buddhapants.com – and is expected to make its debut in retail locations in early 2014. These eco-friendly, multi-functional garments are 100% organic cotton, offered in unisex sizes and seven different colors.

AND they will be at the SF Yoga Journal LIVE event January 16-20- so check them out! Find them at booth #37!

About Buddha Pants

Buddha Pants was founded in Miami, Florida in December 2012 with the mission of creating a fun, comfortable, multi-functional garments for yoga lovers and enthusiasts of versatile apparel.  Our signature piece, the Buddha, are harem pants that are gathered at the ankle and can be easily stuffed into its pocket. For more information, please visit www.buddhapants.com.

Yoga at Grace Cathedral

1100 California St
San Francisco, California 94108
The class starts promptly at 6:15pm, so if you are running late, be sure to not disrupt the rest of the class. 
The practice of yoga is very diverse and can be anywhere from extremely gentle to quite athletic.  This yoga class is designed for beginners and experienced students and will be taught by Darren Main with the musical stylings of Timothy Das.  No prior experience necessary!
What should I wear?
You will want to wear loose, comfortable clothes that allow for easy movement. Remember that the cathedral can be rather cool so be sure dress accordingly. Many people also bring a blanket with which to cover themselves during deep relaxation.
What do I need to bring?
Please be sure to bring a yoga mat. Many people also like to bring yoga props such as a strap and a block to support them in their practice.
There is limited street parking in the Nob Hill neighborhood. There is a parking garage at the church, however. The entrance to the Garage is located on Taylor Street to the right of the cathedral steps.
What is an appropriate donation?
We suggest a donation of $10, to help us cover our expenses. Your generosity helps us to offer yoga to everyone regardless of the number of pennies in their piggy bank. If you have a little extra, please give a little more. If times are financially difficult, please contribute only what feels comfortable to you. Your donations support Grace Cathedral, the teacher and our musicians on the nights they share their music. As a general guide only, the drop-in rate for a yoga class at most yoga studios in San Francisco is between $15 and $20 dollars, however no one is ever turned away.
This beautiful setting is a great way to experience the calm and quiet of yoga. Yoga can help you center, lower blood pressure, get in touch with your aches and pains and relieve them, it can change you.   Give it a try. There are modifications to every pose and Child’s Pose is a great way to rest and subtly stretch.   -Editor

Yoga Bags

Yoga Mat Sling Carrier Tutorial My mat often unfurls when least expected! Sometimes,  I really need  a pocket for my yoga practice cards or a pen or somewhere to put my keys. The answer may be to make my own yoga mat bag – I know what I want. And now I have found a link of a variety of bags, with instructions and patterns for several yoga bags. The comments are helpful from the people that tried the instructions. Thank you — just what I was looking for!

Now you have to decide — pocket, drawstring, buttons, design, strap, purse, handles, what do you want!  And you could think about recycling scraps or pants legs from pants that are ripped. Have fun, its your creative flair. The picture is from BreathLoveYoga.