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A Must-Read Book: Toxin Toxout

TOXIN TOXOUT: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Bodies and Our World (St. Martin’s, May 6) by Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith, which Booklist called “a book no one in the industrialized world has the luxury of ignoring

Every day, our bodies encounter countless toxins hiding in ordinary household products like makeup, toothpaste, soap and food (there are over 80,000 in commerce!). Exposure to these harmful chemicals can lead to conditions like heart disease, infertility and cancer and the problem has never been more urgent.

This book is easy to read and understand, but also has loads of data and explanations.  Somehow the authors maintained their sense of humor, so even with the bad news, they give CONCRETE ways to clean up your body, life, house and more! Well Done.  — the editor

In their bestselling book, Slow Death by Rubber Duck, Lourie and Smith explored  ways to minimize exposure to harmful everyday chemicals. But what about the toxins you can’t avoid—how do we get this stuff OUT of our bodies once it gets in?  Through outrageous self-experimentation and interviews, Lourie and Smith provide a fascinating appraisal of the confusing world of detox. They investigate the truth behind organic foods, confusing product  labels and explain which detox methods work and why trendy cleanses don’t. A prescriptive and accessible guide to reducing  our toxic burden, the result is nothing short of a prescription for a healthier life

“Scrupulously researched and sourced with thorough chapter notes, Toxin Toxout is remarkable both for its content and appealing narrative voice. Simply put, this is a book no one in the industrialized world has the luxury of ignoring.”

Booklist Starred Review


Toxin Toxout admirably demonstrates how important our everyday product choices are—from the food we buy to the cars we drive. It provides us with a much-needed guide on how to live—and maintain—a toxin-free lifestyle.”

Dr. Natasha Turner, author of The Hormone Diet and The Supercharged Hormone Diet


BRUCE LOURIE is a leading environmental thinker, writer and speaker. He is President of the Ivey Foundation and is a director of several organizations in Canada and the United States.

RICK SMITH is a prominent Canadian author and environmentalist. He is executive director of the Broadbent Institute and was the executive director of Environmental Defence for almost 10 years.