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going Meatless…. Doesn’t have to be Hard

There are so many choices! We have eaten Vegan for nearly 3 months. Yes there have been a few slips, but it is easy really.  Why?

  • You’ll try new restaurants
  • Cookbooks will be come a new point of inspiration
  • Don’t you want to KNOW what the IMPOSSIBLE Burger is? Get yours in Palo Alto, CA, yes it is Vegan, you won’t believe it! Picture below!
  • Also Ike’s Sandwiches and Love is incredible fun, they have a huge selection of vegetarian entrees and all of those can be made VEGAN! My husband’s favorite is The Meatless Ike’s Sub. So good!  (The IKE’S are in several locations in the Bay Area – we have tried Daly City Serramonte, Redwood City – El Camino)

Enjoy Earth Day

Earth Day 2017
© herjua/Getty Images

Earth Day 2017

Saturday, April 22 — earth day started on April 22, 1970.

Dear Readers, There are no ads in Greeneroo blog posts. Why? I hope that we can share information, rather than pushing you to BUY something. I do like to let you know about really cool books, but I’d really rather have you go outside and have some fun!

Happy Earth Day!!  — the editor

Some activities:

Enjoy a meatless meal! Why? Pasture and alfalfa – the food for cattle to graze on are two of the highest water using plants. Save water, eat a veggie meal.

Plant a Tree! Why? Trees help keep soil in place, they provide homes for many animals and birds, they produce air for us to breath and they provide shade in the summer. A tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, remove harmful particulates in the air – wow!

Take a Walk! Why? Discover your neighborhood and meet your neighbors.  You’ll learn more about the history of the area, and what other people near you like to do. I often share mint from my garden with people that pass by.

Plant a seed! Why? You’ll learn more about how plants germinate (sprout) and grow. You’ll be responsible for watering and caring for your plant.  You’ll learn about how seeds really look different from one type of plant to the next.

Turn off your lights, Computer, TV, Washer, Dryer and think about walking/ biking rather than driving! Why? Trying out new methods of doing something are the first step of making a healthy habit. Use less energy, turn off the lights and other devices when you aren’t using them.

Don’t buy anything on Earth day! Why? We tend to buy what we want rather than what we need. This leads to throwing so much stuff away. Millions of pounds of clothing are tossed in the trash each year, by people who “bought it … but didn’t need it”!

Type “parks in California” in your computer browser (substitute your STATE for California or write in your Zip code)  Why?  You’ll get a list of parks. Get outside and have some fun! You’ll feel better and you may meet some friends that live near you.  Now that you have a list of places close enough to walk to and enjoy! I used the zip code and found 5 parks that are great and I can walk to each one!

Go to a Farmer’s market. Why? These open air markets are so much fun. You can taste things you have never tried, make friends with a farmer and buy local fruits, vegetables, nuts other stuff that is tasty and fresh. Remember to bring a reusable bag to put your purchases in.

For each of the suggestions, there are many more reasons to try out the activity. Can you think of other reasons to try something new or go outdoors and play?  I bet you can.

Some links to enjoy:

  • www.filoli.org  – beautiful estate and garden in Woodside, CA
  • parks.smcgov.org/san-bruno-mountain – San Bruno mountain is often ignored, commuters say they drive past it all the time. But they don’t stop. It has great hikes, picnic tables, views of SF and flowers to enjoy.
  • birding.sequoia-audubon.org – the audobon society has bird watching information and events everywhere!
  • www.discovery.com/…/1-top-10-most-amazing-hikes-in-north-america – take a hike, learn more!  The Sierra Club has many hikes.

Conserving Water!

Currently the country, and in particularly the state of California, is experiencing one of the most dramatic droughts to occur in HISTORY. Water is taken for granted and wasted during our day-to-day activities, however there are ways to conserve. Sustainability expert and leader in the field of Eco Education, Evan Marks of The Ecology Center, provides tips below on how to reduce water waste and help give Mother Nature a break!


  • Splish Splash – Take a Bath: Did you know that a running shower uses 5 gallons of water per minute? To conserve, fill a bathtub half-way and hop in! Baths will not only save a tremendous amount of water, but will relax you to the fullest. 
  • Bucket It:  Instead of letting rinse-water go down the drain, place a bucket in your kitchen sink to collect dirty water. Then dispose of it by diverting it to water a garden or plants throughout your home or office. This simple trick saves up to 5 gallons of water a day!  
  • Load Your Laundry: Next laundry day, make it count. Fully load your washing machine and make sure to wash full loads only!  If you have a few items to wash, do so in a sink with a re-usable bucket. One load of laundry uses up to 40 gallons of water, so make sure the water is being put to full use. Also try to use biodegradable soap to protect your water supply from pollution. The less laundry you have to do the better! Collecting your wash water really works well and helps keep your garden pest and blight free!  — the editor
  • Eat Your Veggies: It takes 650 gallons of water to raise, process, and transport meat for one burger. When compared to a veggie meal that only requires around 200 gallons, when concerned about water waste the better choice is obvious. Another upside to eating veggies is that it reduces the animal and chemical pollution of meat production, which ends up in our watershed and eventually, the ocean. 
every drop counts
For more information on how you can conserve water during the drought head to  http://www.theecologycenter.org/

The Kind Life, The Kind Diet, The Kind Mama

Alicia Silverstone – How To Live A Kind Life

Alicia SilverstoneAlicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone is an actress who rose to stardom with her leading role in the 1995 sleeper hit, Clueless. Her many other acting credits include leading roles in Batman films, God Behaving Badly, and Excess Baggage. In 2011, Men’s Health voted Alicia one of the 100 hottest women of all time.

A long-time food and animal rights activist, and a passionate environmentalist, Alicia is author of the #1 NY Times bestseller, The Kind Diet, and founder of TheKindLife.com.

Get her loving and inspiring insights on how to lean into a life that is kind to your body, your conscience, and your planet. Find out more about Alicia’s work by clicking here.

The Kind Mama, her book! 

National Soyfoods Month

This month celebrate National Soyfoods Month by substituting meat, mayonnaise or even cream cheese with tofu – a high in protein and nutrient-packed alternative. House Foods Tofu – America’s premium tofu purveyor since 1983 – helps make this transition a flawless one with their non-GMO, kosher certified and gluten-free tofu products, which include both premium and organic tofu lines and Tofu Shirataki Noodles.

For a light springtime pasta dish, try House Foods Tofu Pesto Fettuccine, which is simply made with House Foods Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine Shaped, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes. House Foods Tofu Shirataki Noodles are a great alternative to regular pasta as they only contain 20 calories and 3 g of carbs per 4 ounce serving vs. approximately 400 calories in a 4 ounce serving of traditional pasta.

Or whip up House Foods Tofu and Walnut Lettuce Cups, which combine House Foods Premium or Organic Tofu Firm with Miso, Hoisin sauce, Sake and walnuts for a nutritious appetizer that’s sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Pesto Fettuccine

 Created by House Foods America



3 (8 oz) packages of House Foods Tofu Shirataki Fettuccine Shaped
½ cup pre-made pesto
½ cup sun-dried tomato (in oil)
(optional: garnish with cherry tomatoes)


Rinse and drain Tofu Shirataki noodles well. Pat dry using paper towels. Put in a microwave-safe bowl and heat in microwave for 1 minute. Drain excess liquid. Cut noodles to manageable size.
Place sun-dried tomatoes in food processor and chop until pieces are very small.
Stir tomato mixture and pesto into noodles.
Garnish with tomatoes and serve.


Serves 3-5

Tofu and Walnut Lettuce Cups

Created by House Foods America



½ package (7 oz) House Foods Premium or Organic Tofu Firm, drained well
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 ½ tablespoon Miso (red or awase)
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 ½ tablespoon Hoisin sauce
1 teaspoon Sake
1 teaspoon sugar
½ cup chopped walnuts
½ teaspoon corn starch mixed with ¼ cup cold water

To Serve:
Lettuce, shredded carrots, chopped cilantro


In frying pan, heat olive oil, garlic, and Tofu over moderately high heat, breaking up the Tofu into small pieces with a wooden spoon (can also be cubed beforehand according to preference). Cook until Tofu and garlic gets well toasted.
Add all the sauce ingredients and continue cooking for a few minutes, stirring constantly.
Add the water and cornstarch mixture in, stirring until mixture thickens. Mix walnuts in.

Serve them on lettuce cups, topped with shredded carrots and chopped cilantro.


Note: Original recipe created by Mutsumi Gonzales