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Bernal Heights Hike

Summer Night urban hikes are so nice after a busy day!  Precita Street borders then entire park that is the starting point. There is parking around the park, but that fills up. As an option to walking up the Folsom St. hill you can drive up and park near the park in the residential area. The view is fantastic. The area is windy so wearing a jacket is a good idea. The paths from the street into the park are packed down earth and have elevation changes, the walk is worth it.
logoReady for dinner? or A snack first?    Precita Park Cafe at 500 Precita Ave San Francisco, CA 94110   (415) 647-7702 They have pizza, snacks, drinks and salads here. You can get some fuel before your hike. It’s a good place to meet before setting out. This neighborhood is really nice, with well kept up homes and mature trees.
**Remember dress in layers, comfy shoes, water. Yes, all the things you’d think about for a hike. AND BRING A FLASHLIGHT> do yourself a favor wear light colors. Stay on the sidewalks, out of traffic. Safety first, after all!
1)Walk through the beautiful Precita Park.  (Precita Park is bounded by Folsom and Alabama. Cesar Chavez St. is just a block away.)
2) Head South on Solsom St., towards Bessie St. On Folsom St., the hill starts to climb and we reach Bernal Heights Park  (.6 miles uphill) with and easy winding roads, beautiful trees, and GREAT views.
Turn Right onto Stoneman St., Turn Left on Bonview St. After a slight left, you’ll see stairs, climb them and head Right. Follow the stairs to the park extrance and climb up the hill for a view of the City.
3) Head back down from Bernal Heights Park, going Northeast – turn right toward Ellworth St.
4) Turn Right on Cortland Ave through another small but quaint neighborhood before
5) Loop back on level ground to your starting place.  Its a great way to get moving, enjoy friends and have a  great night.
Total total trip is about 2 miles and you’ll see to different city neighborhoods and the city lights twinkling at your feet!

Telegraph Hill Flashlight Urban Hike

Take a hike Tonight! (PLEASE bring your flashlights!)
You will take a STEEP hike up Telegraph hill to Coit Tower and back down the stairs to The Embarcadero.  
Along the way you’ll see the beautiful homes on Pfeiffer St, before heading up to Coit tower to admire the views of the city (If you are planning your hike in the daytime, you can choose to climb the tower too).  
Head down the Filbert Street Steps  to grab a drink or food if you wish, near the Embarcadero.  Then make your  way back to the starting point.  
 Driving directions to Francisco St & Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133
1. Head west on I-80 W
2. Take the Folsom St exit
3. Turn left onto Folsom St
4. Turn left onto The Embarcadero
5. Slight left onto Bay St
6. Turn left onto Stockton St Francisco St & Stockton St

Filbert Stairs SF Hike

Perhaps one of the most famous of San Francisco’s stairways, the Filbert Steps deserve their acclaim.  The stairs rise in three sections from Sansome Street to Coit Tower.

The lowest section is concrete and steel snaking up the side of a cliff which gives way to a wide concrete stairway.  Reaching Montgomery Street, the steps cross the median with a short staircase.  The upper section is nearly straight, running through a series of sculpted (and sculpture!) gardens.

The stairs are impressive for their length, their wonderful views of San Francisco, the well tended gardens on either side, and the beautiful art deco buildings along the way.

MEET HERE!    Here is some YELP! information too. 

Don’t forget water, a flashlight, comfortable shoes, and cash for dinner or drinks after the hike.  This is a great, energizing hike — Rain or Shine! It’s fun to meet a group and hike together, and encourage each other too, then have a snack afterwards.

Communications Hill Here we Come!

Urban hikes are fun and this one is no exception. It is part of a new development in South San Jose and included a grand staircase of more than 220 stairs, to get your heart beating faster.
This is a great way to get outside, discover a new neighborhood and build up your strength. It is closer than many hikes that we do on Skyline or at the ocean and shore. It also has the advantage of being close to many different restaurants and coffee places.

MEET: Waterford Park on Sand Pebble and Vistapark Dr. San Jose

WALK: Up Communications Hill, yes it is steep but easier on your knees than walking the stairs first thing! Keep going. Turn right on LINA St (away from the stairs you’ll go down later) and take a loop hike around Altino past the playground, Donnici, a short bit on Adeline, Batista past Azores for a stunning view of San Jose (beautiful at night), continue on until you reach the stairs again,  on Lina St. There are many stairs , and two beautiful wide stairways that are well lit.

There are often people walking in this area, so it feels safe. It is more that a 2 mile loop. If you want more of a workout, go up and down the stairs again! Or you can do a few push ups at the bottom of the Stairs on Mullinix Way.

Communications Hill 1Communications Hill 2Communications Hill 3
Afterwards, you can head to the local Starbucks at Captol and Timberloop (behind the Home Depot) for a refreshment. For something more substantial, go the the PLANT Shopping Center where there is everything: Boiling Crab, Johnny Garlic’s, Applebees, and more.

For information on other Bay Area hikes, you may click the HIKES category on this site, or use the SEARCH TOOL  in the top left to find just what you are looking for!

Try a Full Moon Hike Jan 19

Let the Full Moon guide you! You can try for a calm beach walk and watch the water sparkle in the moonlight and listen to the waves rush and roar in gorgeous Half Moon Bay. After your peaceful time listening to the surf you can wind down at HMB Brewery afterwards.

Or try an urban walk in SF, heading down twisting Lombard Street’s pink brick.
The bright moon guide you over San Francisco’s most famous street. And it is not that easy, start at Pine and Polk, then climb up to Lombard and Hyde, take careful steps down Lombard’s switchbacks, and descend further on the Nob Hill side. Creep down Macondray Lane, the inspiration for Barbary Lane in Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City. After our foray into history and fiction.
Don’t forget: With either hike you’ll want warm layers, shoes with very good traction for the descents slippery surfaces and water.