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Nvidia Discusses: More self-driving car investment, Using VR, Imaging

Nvidia CEO: Uber crash will spur more self-driving car investment

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said today that theUber crash in Tempe, Arizona last week would likely lead to more investment in self-driving cars, not less. “I believe as a result of what happened last week, the amount of investment into the seriousness of [autonomous vehicles] is going to go up,” he said during […]  Read the full story

Watch Nvidia drive a real car using Black Panther-style VR

One of the most exciting moments from the hit film Black Panther came to life today, as Nvidia’s Holodeck software enabled a driver using virtual reality to drive a car in the real world. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang offered the demonstration at the 2018 GPU Technology Conference (GTC) as an aside while discussing autonomous car […]    Read the full story

Nvidia’s deep learning enhanced imagery can show a baby in the womb or beating heart

Nvidia showed off deep learning visualization 3D imagery of a beating heart and a baby in the womb, based on enhanced inferences from crude black-and-white ultrasound scans. Nvidia showed a demo dubbed Clara, a medical imaging supercomputer. It showed a baby in the womb, an image extracted from artificial intelligence analysis of a black-and-white ultrasound […]    Read the full story

Great reading …. From VENTURE BEAT

Park Merced adds a Transit Subsidy as an Incentive

Get out of your cars! SF is looking at ways to encourage this transition to Uber, Muni, Walking, and biking around the city; it is focusing on the planning process for large scale developments.

For Park Merced and SF State there is a $100 credit to ride Bay Area Public transit or take Uber! Maximus has entered into a partnership with Uber to accept the monthly payments and will work with Clipper to get them on-board.

green corporateFor the 152 acre complex, Park Merced plans to provide ONLY A SINGLE PARKING SPACE per housing unit. This is HALF of what is generally required for housing developments.  This could become another site of “parking wars” or it could be transformational. There is a great deal of transportation in this area now, the M-Ocean View runs through it, there are buses on 19th…. for the 5,700 housing units….the planning and adoption of a low-impact commuter mindset will save the day.