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The Future of Transportation: Cleaner, Quieter, Faster, Cheaper,

March 14, 2018

6:30 – 8:30 PM

BioMarin, Magnolia Conference Room 750 Lindaro Street, San Rafael

America’s “Car Culture” is pervasive, painfully inefficient, and terrible for the environment. Yet most people are unwilling to give up their cars because they provide relatively rapid, comfortable, and on-demand transportation. So how will we ever get to a clean transportation system?

This program will focus on three overlapping solutions for passenger vehicle transportation:

  • Electric Vehicles                               
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Shared Mobility/Ride Sharing

Come learn how rapid technological changes are impacting transportation efficiency, emissions, and modalities and how you can be part of the solution. Our expert and dynamic speakers will both educate and inspire you! This program is done in collaboration with DRAWDOWN: Marin.

Will you be attending?

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BART would like to Introduce: BARTable

BART recently launched a new website called “BARTable”. The site is a resource for finding fun activities that are BARTable (that is close to BART stations). Here you will find special discounts, weekly giveaways, a comprehensive events calendar and articlespointing you to unique and award-winning restaurants, the best biking trails near BART, upcoming concerts touring the Bay and more!

This is a great site, and they have ALL KINDS of current information. Haven’t you driven around in traffic enough? So check out BARTable and take the survey.  THANKS BART for letting us know! — the editor

You can also search for venues, events and destinations near BART stations on BARTable’s Explore page.

Please visit BARTable first and take the brief survey below for a chance to win a $100 Clipper card.

Please be sure to visit as many sections of the site as possible.

Survey Link: Take the Survey

Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:
Thank you!
BART Research Team

Bike Share Program Begins in 5 Bay Area Cities

You can check out a bike at an automated station in five cities. And you can return it to a different station.
Mountain View Locations:

  • Mountain View Transit Center
  • MV City Hall
  • Evelyn Avenue Light Rail Park – N – Ride

and many more….
Check the website for the location of 700 bikes, that are ready for a ride!  It took $4.3 million dollars to get this program rolling. If you like the idea, support it by getting out there and bking around. Learn how to use it and then plan a bike party with friends!!  Now you can go to the San Jose Bike Party and pedal along…. even if you don’t have a bike! Wow – so cool.

Marin County Fair – Green Theme

July 2-July 6 – Marin County Fair in San Rafael. Imagine everything from technology to great green ideas. The Fair had it all. Here are a list of some spectacular green vendors in case you missed this event: EFUEL a home based ethanol system – simple system,  the feedstock is inexpensive and the machine has a dispenser nozzle. It looks about like a large gas pump.

GREEN MBA a new grad program at Dominican College that looks interesting and inspiring, with a talented faculty.

Branch design store had some innovative stuff, but why in the world would someone need Felt Pebbles? Aren’t there enough beautiful rocks, pebbles and boulders in nature to keep us satisfied. Beware “fluffy green retail”!!

Reclaim is an “eco-friendly” home store in Menlo Park.  They have paint, stain, flooring, furniture, baby and home stuff… nice to see so many of these green stores. It is about time. I especially loved the counter tops with recycled glass sparkling in them.

There were exhbits by PG&E and a spectacular exhibit by the Golden Gate bridge district – they have made so many innovations, in fuel, conservation, utility carts / small trucks for servicing the bridge [brought over from Italy and modified to work here with synthetic oil]. It was especially gratifying to talk to their inspiring engineers. With green encouragement from the top levels and desire and energy from the workers — they have collaborated and developed new processes and green machines.