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Don’t be afraid of AI

AI and VR bring the ability to imagine, learn, grow and most definitely Experience something outside our own world view.

I read to 5 year olds each week, they are the best, most inspired Imagineers! They love Unicorns, bat rays, Snowflakes, but Bees- not so much. Half of them have NEVER experienced Snow, but their peers describe it. They have an internal VR that is amazing! It gives me hope for our future.

This is essential in today’s world where the requirements of Diversity, Team building and hyper Productivity are demanded by companies and communities. How can you learn and retain? The goodness is— we have many options online- and they use VR, AI, Big Data, cloud computing, and virtual cash. Get involved, learning is available at seminars, courses, clubs, newsletters, the library, YouTube and (mostly) accessible and free to ALL!

The advances that AI is bringing to our world have been a half-century in the making. But AI’s time is now. Because of the vast amounts of data in our world, only the almost limitless computing power of the cloud can make sense of it. AI can truly help solve some of the world’s most vexing problems, from improving day-to-day communication to energy, climate, health care, transportation and more. The real magic of AI, in the end, won’t be magic at all. It will be technology that adapts to people. This will be profoundly transformational for humans and for humanity. — from the recent TIME article on AI author Lilli Chang of Microsoft

Global Thinking, Training, Success

The ATD training network is holding their yearly conference, many subjects, many speakers.  This one, grabbed me, Uniting Global Teams: Communicating Virtually for Impact, Inclusion, and Engagement it’s on Tues, May 23. And although I cannot go, as trainers and knowledge workers, you may want to go. (BTW, we are ALL trainers and knowledge workers.)

As an employee you must understand global consequences of our actions on earth, and the meaning of what happens HERE, has an effect “over there”.  Employers want their teams to have global understanding, cultural acceptance, and curiosity / the drive to get along.

As technological advances and other disruptors drive companies to become flatter, more global, and more matrixed, employees at all levels need to get better at working together through virtual channels. But that’s easier said than done. This session will share best practices and frameworks you can incorporate into your training and onboarding programs to unite your global teams and cut down the time it takes to get them working together harmoniously and efficiently. You’ll also be able to see the practices in action, because one of the speakers will be using Skype to lead the session. Class Description


Nugent, Kate

Nugent, Kate

Director of Learning

The Ariel Group, Role: Speaker

Richards, Richard  Richards, Richard

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

The Ariel Group, Role: Speaker

Reference: Are You Globally Present? Richard Richards


How do YOU want to Learn? How do You want to Lead?

I train people in new systems. It is fascinating work, usually I don’t know what I am doing in the new system… until ….. I DO…. and then I can explain how I got from the desolate feeling of “I don’t have a clue” to I got it!”. It isn’t everyone’s dream job, but I love learning. But suppose you don’t.

How do you learn when you don’t want to?  Try VIDEO.

Rule #1: Make it easy.

Rule #2: Answer the Question and don’t go all marketing blurbs when you answer the question.

Rule #3: Involve all your students senses by using color, showing what to do, showing the results … and then stop talking.

Rule #4: Follow up the video learning with a one-page step by step, like a recipe for your favorite cake. It may have some hints and tips, it may have some “Don’t do this” but it will be easy to scan, using simple words, organized for the happy path. Let your viewer Get the Job Done. Add the survival skills info later.

But not having a video strategy for 2017 is like not having a digital strategy in 2000. You might be able to survive for the time being, but holdouts will find themselves seriously left behind and racing desperately to catch up in just a few short years ahead. More and more, digital means video. Like it or not, other media formats are moving to the margins—making it pretty much essential to start putting together your company’s video strategy right about now.

gogreen lightbulbIt may seem daunting at first, and it will certainly take more time than you thought or wished. But the systems will be so much easier for your team. Green Ideas can be very techy geeky and hard to move from what is now to what could be. In order to get team members going the same direction, they MUST understand what/why they are doing. In order to get funding, the lender must feel confident about what the company is doing. In walks VIDEO. In 5 minutes you can explain, train and convince.

One of the easiest ways to make effective videos is to tap the talent that’s already on your payroll. Allowing staff to speak honestly and directly to customers creates an intimacy that can instantly cut through the

For the full article that has the quotes, go to the FAST COMPANY article here, “The Future of Work:  Yes, even your Company Needs a Video Strategy”


wordpress wordcampWordPress is blogging software, and if you have to speak up…. I recommend this tool. It is easy, elegant and well-supported.

Many times a year, there are training and learning events, they seem a bit like a party, and they ARE fun! The goal is to get the community together and answer all the questions and showcase the innovations. Of course, socializing and making friends is an important component. The seminars are called WordCamps – and when you are part of this community, you can even help set up the seminars in your city. These WordCamps are international. I was looking for the closest one, and it is in Phoenix. The cost is always low, this one is $20 /day, $50 / 3 days and the community is incredible. For more information on this event: http://2013.phoenix.wordcamp.org/

There are many ways to get involved, check out volunteer jobs.

WordCamp PHX 2013 Jan. 18-20, 2013 • Downtown Chandler, AZ


One of the great things about WordCamp and the WordPress community is the strong commitment of the WordPress volunteers.  WordCamp Phoenix would not happen without the dedicated hard work of our many volunteers.

WordCamp Phoenix is about giving back to the community, and that goal can only be reached with a strong team. The support of our volunteers is appreciated not only by us, but by the entire WordPress community.

Docent Training – Taking Kids out in Nature

Would you love to share nature with children? Training is available from several amazing agencies (Mid Peninsula Open Space District) and groups like Filoli.org.

From Diane West-Bourke: Many of you have heard me talk about the “Spaces & Species” program that MidPen has for 3rd-to-5th grade school kids. It is a terrific program that needs new docents so that we can offer more classes the opportunity to spend a day in the woods.

Basic requirements for the docents are:

  • That you want to introduce kids to nature. For many of the classes, it may be their first exposure (sad but true!).
  • That you are available on Tuesdays or Thursdays during the spring and fall sessions.

Here is the “job description” from the MidPen web page:

Outdoor Education Leader-
Training starts soon, please submit an interest form NOW to receive an application along with additional details.

Orientation: Tuesday, January 8, 2012 (Date and time to be confirmed)
Training: Tuesday, January 15, 22, 29 & February 5, 12
(10:00am- 3:00pm)

An Outdoor Education Leader works as part of a team with small groups of 3rd-5th graders on a field trip (offered to schools on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the spring and fall of each year) to the Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve and the David C. Daniels Nature Center.

  • Using the District’s unique “Spaces & Species” curriculum, teach children about the natural world, providing opportunities for experiential learning (including a one mile easy-to-moderate hike) while fostering a fun atmosphere for discovery and exploration.
  • A 6-session weekday training is generally offered twice per year as interest is generated. (See upcoming training dates above)

If you are interested click on [Submit Interest Form] and/or contact Renée Fitzsimons at docent@openspace.org.

tales and trails midpeninsulaopen space trustopen space logo wo writing

True Confession

I’m a writer. And my job of choice can create a huge mountain of waste. Technical manuals, stacks of printed research, revisions, walkthroughs…. it can be a paper storm. OR NOT!!

Think Different…errr … Differently!! Instead of writing a manual, post a manual! Make a web site that includes interactive video. Convince your customer, company, vendor that this ONLINE method of learning is the best, easiest, most flexible and best for updating.  It is secure, searchable, easy to archive and it doesn’t have to be stacked in the closet off the corridor next to the water cooler.

Your audience will enjoy this online version. If a printed referral guide is really necessary, keep it to one page front and back with the bare bones hints, tips and short cuts. Put the details on line., and link to related materials there. The addition of video or youtube can get the message across easily especially if you are trying to coach someone through an unfamiliar task that involves mannual steps and automated tasks. Be Creative.

When you think about efficiency another big green step is to use WEBINARS to transmit training. And even better, they can be recorded and reused. this is a huge savings is production cost, efficiency, adding flexibility, travel time/dollars  and great customer service.

It doesn’t have to be a pile of dusty paper manuals. It doesn’t have to be recycled in a secure bin every year….. Go Digital.

Sustainability Programs

I have written about Job Train in Menlo Park and their accredited Solar Panel Installation course before. They are a super star in training and offer free programs (this is $30,000 worth of training that is supported by grants and corporations). They always deserve another mention, in my mind.

Our Junior Colleges also have Green Tech classes available and here is a list of the colleges and courses compiled for you; this list has a short description and a contact point along with the name and location of the college.  This is an area of our economy that is growing and the education that you receive will be put to good use.