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SF Symphony at Stern Grove July 6! Smokey Robinson June 22!

SF Symphony in Stern Grove
Stern Grove is a SF institution: a beautiful, unique place, and a perfectly relaxing way to spend a Sunday listening to a free concert in SF. This free concert given by the SF Symphony. Come join the fun, get there early to reserve your spot, bring a blanket or a small chair, and enjoy the concert filled with melodies and music you all know and love.
  • Parking is a night mare! There, I said it. Take the bus or plan on a nice hike to the Grove. That makes it fun.
  • Getting to the flat grass area to set up your picnic is a well worn dirt / paved trail.

Entrance at 19th Ave and Sloat Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94132
415 252 6252

If you cant make the Symphony, consider getting tickets (a guaranteed seat) for this fantastic fund-raiser for the GROVE!
Smokey Robinson and Patti Austin!! Sunday, June 22, 2014
Celebrate Stern Grove Festival’s 77th Season at
The Big Picnic, an afternoon of music, food, drinks, and dancing in beautiful Sigmund Stern Grove.

The Big Picnic

Stern Grove, Free Concerts Every Summer

Stern’s Grove offers a wide variety of music every summer. Opera, Symphony and more, check out their schedule.

It’s Free on Sundays in the Summer. You can download a festival guide, or get the phone app.

Located in the Park between 19th Ave and Sloat

It’s been going strong since 1938. Bring a blanket, rent a Pink Picnic Table, enjoy the day. There are even pre-event talks to learn more.

For More Free Music….¬†Try these venues:

    • Santana Row in SJ
    • Redwood City Events (most days all summer long)
    • San Carlos, Brittan Park
    • Redood Shores, Foster City Music on the Shore
    • Many Restaurants in the Bay Area have live music, ask and you’ll love it. (Try Cafe Claude or Sheba Piano Lounge in SF, or many of the wine bars in SF and SJ)
    • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk¬†, they also have great beach movies, in addition to concerts