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SHYP – Recycling with eBAY Made Easier!

*Do you have junk?   *Do you have Collectibles and wish you didn’t? 

eBay selling is now easier IF you live in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles or New York.  SHYP does all the legwork, they will pickup, packup and send. NOW you have no excuses to declutter.

Enjoy this article on SHYP from Harry McCracken  Shyp’s eBay Integration Fixes A Major Hassle Of Making Money Off Your Unwanted Stuff

When I Google SHYPE, Google suggests SKYPE and will not give me results…. so you may still want a bit more information, go here ABOUT SHYP  which has been named #46 of Innovate Companies for 2016.

Twitter: @shyp
Instagram: @shyp
Facebook: Facebook.com/shyp
G+: +ShypApp

Flexible Packaging – Finally!

Universal-Packaging-SystemThis new cardboard packaging idea is the greatest – flexible, conforming to the shape to pack, what an innovation! Patrick is the innovator, and he calls his concept UPACKS (Universal Packaging System). The cardboard can be shaped to conform to an item with a less standard shape, like shoes, art, ceramics, other treasures.

This makes the item more secure and helps it stay safe in transit.  Less filler will be used to ship it.  What a great idea! Thanks Patrick Sung!

And on the UPACKS site, make sure to look at the long chain of comments — it is a brainstorming extravaganza — the best use of the ‘net. This kind of collaboration makes all our innovations more powerful.

What are the issues to overcome with flexible packaging such as this?

  • Hard to stack.  It can be put in a slightly larger box with fill.
  • Waste! When using fill, make sure to use recyclable crush proof loose fill.
  • A square box is easier to stack for shipping, and although there is much wasted internal space,  a custom box can be built / ordered, however, this is more expensive
  • Shpping companies usually recommend  no less than two inches of space around each side of the item, to be filled with loose fill.
  • Each side of the box must be taped so that the box is air-tight, less able to crush.
  • A form fitting box provides surface protection, not crush protection.

Isn’t this an interesting design + shipping + conservation issue? There are so many elements to consider.