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Pink Man Prevails! A Pink Superhero in a Unitard

Pink Man (real name Michael Maxfield) is a local celebrity from the San Francisco Bay Area. He can be seen riding his unicycle around the cities of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. He gets his name from the shocking pink unitard and cape he wears while he performs impromptu unicycle tricks in public places—spinning, engaging in sudden stops, riding down the street at high speeds, and carrying people on his back.

Need a Smile?  One of the many characters that adds more charm to San Francisco streets. He has amazed people with his fasts moving stunts.

Maxfield was born and grew up in Leominster, Massachusetts, where he discovered the unicycle at age 13. He moved to San Francisco at age 19, and then to Oregon. While in Oregon, he started performing on his unicycle under the name Jester Max. When he moved back to Leominster years later, he found himself spending hours dancing on his unicycle, and pedalling around town, garnering a front page story in the Worcester Telegram. He moved back to Oregon, where he sought out a new unicycle persona; on a whim, he purchased a pink Lycra unitard costume from a dancewear catalog. The new outfit proved extremely popular, and an onlooker at the University of Oregon campus dubbed him “pink man.”[1][2]

Pink Man has performed in Oregon, Los Angeles, Houston, the San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey, New York, the Pacific Northwest, Jacksonville, Vancouver, Paris, Tokyo, and Germany.[1][2][3] His Tokyo and Paris trips were sponsored by computer-game designer Will Wright, who calls Pink Man “the only real superhero I know.”[1]

Getting Involved – Urban Ed Academy in SF

Volunteer for our kids, for our community. This group is involved in helping youths, primarily in Bayview and Hunter’s Point increase their education, skills and …… stay on the path of a productive engaged life.  Urban Ed Academy is really a place that needs our support and care, they will MAKE A DIFFERENCE. If you can spare some time, this non-profit is a wonderful choice.

A Note from a local Educational group:

Urban Ed Academy is having program this Saturday, March 11th, 2017 at Willie Brown Middle School. We would love to have as many volunteers present as possible. We will be having various activities for the day, however,  we will be short staffed.

We are requesting volunteers for the normal times 9:00 am to 12:00 pm to help support during our academic rotations. In addition, we are also requesting that volunteers who are available for the whole day to please stay until 2:15 pm to help support students during our enrichment activities. We can provide you with lunch! 😉

If you are interested, please send me your rsvp by 8:00 pm Wednesday evening. March 8th. Please let me know if you can volunteer until the afternoon or only during the morning academic rotationsAlso, you are always welcome to bring others along with you to come and volunteer. The boys enjoy having volunteers come support them and it is such a major help to the UEA staff. We really hope you are able to come to program this Saturday.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thank you so much for time. I hope everyone has a great work week! 🙂

Warmest Regards,


Corina Cato, Program Manager

Urban Ed Academy

Where Boys Become Productive Young Men

1485 Bayshore Blvd., Suite 135

San Francisco, CA 94124

Office: (415) 330-1015

Cell: (415) 341 – 6996 



March – Let’s Celebrate Women and Women’s Accomplishments ALL MONTH!!!

International Women’s Day March 8.

We celebrated at Asian Connection by calling out some amazing WOMEN near and dear to our hearts!  Please enjoy!

7 Notable Asian Women:

Malala Yousafzai, author, and an inspiration to all women at only 16 she survived an attack by the Taliban on a school bus, where she was shot in the head. She is a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate.

Corazon Aquino, president of the Philippines

Radhika Coomaraswamy, Under Secretary of the United Nations and also well-known as a human rights advocate.

Bibi Russell, a Bangladesh fashion designer

Sirimavo Banderanaike, Prime Minister of Ceylon / Sri Lanka three times, and leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

Captain Durga Banerjee, the first female pilot of Indian Airlines

Aung San Suu Kyi, chairman of the National League for Democracy (NLD) in Myanmar (Burma). Enduring 15 years of house arrest to then become the Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991.

Several Notable Asian Women in SF:

The first known Chinese woman to immigrate to America was Marie Seise who arrived in 1848, arriving just as the Gold Rush turned San Francisco into a bustling metropolis.

Heather Fong, former Chief of San Francisco Police Department

Rose Pak a prominent political activist noted for her advocacy for the Chinatown community and her influence on city politics. Pak served as a consultant for the San Francisco Chinese Chamber of Commerce and organizer of the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco.  Although Pak never held an elective political office, she was known as an outspoken and well-connected “gatekeeper” figure who supported politicians by raising funds and connecting them with the city’s growing Asian American community.

Amy Tan, author whose works explore mother-daughter relationships and the Chinese American experience. Her best known work is The Joy Luck Club. In 1993, director Wayne Wang adapted the book into a film. Tan has written several other novels, including The Kitchen God’s Wife, The Hundred Secret Senses, The Bonesetter’s Daughter, Saving Fish from Drowning, and The Valley of Amazement.


More Amazing Asian Women:

Qiu Jin – (1875-1907)  – a feminist who is considered a national hero in China. She was executed after participating in a failed uprising against the Qing Dynasty. She was a vocal supporter of Women’s rights.

Shelley Hwang, innovative breast cancer doctor and surgeon, her research with Laura Esserman is ground-breaking.

Priyanka Chopra, Bollywood actress, beautiful, talented, has made nearly 50 movies while breaking stereotypes.

Yayoi Kusama, Artist, bringing radical and revolutionary things in the art world.

Tsai Ing-Wen, Taiwan’s new President, representing 23 million people.



Lion Dance… at work

Understanding other cultures is a big deal. When we are part of a diverse group, when work with our customers better. We understand more; hopefully we develop empathy and perspective. Practicing Diversity is a core value of ours. It is also a requirement for many employers all over the world. For me, the best way to learn is to ….DOI!

We will have a fellow team member teach us how to be a Lion and we may participate in a Lion Dance. This is happening on January 26 and February 10. On February 11, Wells Fargo will have a float and we will walk in the San Francisco Lunar New Year Parade. WF has been a long-time supporter of this great event. This will be my 2nd time… I love this energetic happy parade.

I am so excited about a lion dance, I looked it up. There is a school in SF, we could learn more!  Here is the link.  Maybe they could be a SPEAKER at one of our Asian Connection events. This is so interesting. This is the ABOUT US – take a look!  There is more than one kind:

Traditional Lion dance

A great showcase of Southern Lion Dancing is our backbone. With props including crabs, scorpions, water pots, benches, and staggering tall wooden beams, the dancing lion comes alive to overcome these obstacles.

Flying Lion dance

The most modern and advanced movements in this art can be seen in this act.  Clambering over obstacles, leaping through the air and stepping across danger, this lion dance act is a must see.

Northern Lion Dance

Also known as the “Buk See” or northern lion, this dog-like dancing lion performs life like movements including acrobatic steps and jumps.

Walking in the San Francisco Lunar New Years Parade was exciting, we saw many “Lions” and also dozens of high school and college Marching Bands. There were gymnasts performing, local non-profits walking (many that we volunteer with!), even stilt walkers in the parade, many Lions and dozens of floats. It was a very happy time, children and adult spectators were cheering and clapping. We were cheering and clapping too.

Park Merced adds a Transit Subsidy as an Incentive

Get out of your cars! SF is looking at ways to encourage this transition to Uber, Muni, Walking, and biking around the city; it is focusing on the planning process for large scale developments.

For Park Merced and SF State there is a $100 credit to ride Bay Area Public transit or take Uber! Maximus has entered into a partnership with Uber to accept the monthly payments and will work with Clipper to get them on-board.

green corporateFor the 152 acre complex, Park Merced plans to provide ONLY A SINGLE PARKING SPACE per housing unit. This is HALF of what is generally required for housing developments.  This could become another site of “parking wars” or it could be transformational. There is a great deal of transportation in this area now, the M-Ocean View runs through it, there are buses on 19th…. for the 5,700 housing units….the planning and adoption of a low-impact commuter mindset will save the day.


Food Hackathon in SF

It was the  inaugural session of The Food Business School (FBS), the new center for executive and graduate education at The Culinary Institute of America.  In addition to announcing course details and faculty, the launch signifies a growing urgency to offer solutions to the large-scale global food systems issues we face.

Bee clover

FBS Executive Director and Dean William Rosenzweig invited Greeneroo to the launch of The Food Business School Friday and the Food Hackathon: Friday, February 27, 2015 with a topic of  “Nutrition for All”. We loved checking out the new and bold ideas. This couldn’t happen at a better time. Food Hacks have been occurring as food – good, non-GMO, sustainable, organic food becomes more important. See Food Hack Nov 19 2013 for a bit of history. The SF Food Hack showed a great deal of synergism and collaboration. Big corporations were there and welcomed (I was surprised), companies that specialize and brain storming, PM, and analysis were represented too (I was relieved). In all, it was a multi-format and big dimension event. Making real food a focus for a hungry city and nation, is essential. So many thoughts, the best supper conversation we have had in awhile:

  • Living Walls with food growing for the underserved
  • Better distribution
  • Combining existing tech with start-ups
  •  Taking a second look at problems that have been solved and using scaling to create more good
  • Using the talents, techniques and tools of Big Food to repurpose and develop new ideas (refrigeration, distribution, packaging, new markets)
  • Developing new ways to grow clean food
  • GMOs, seeds, farming, farmers and our future
  • Ways to go from mere discussion to action to implementation

amaranth1This innovative forum occurred at Galvanize, 44 Tehama St., San Francisco which was a suitable and beautiful space for inspired food inspiration and brainstorming.  The crowd was electric with ideas, and ready to be let loose on some thorny problems.  There was problem solving coaching, and encouragement to keep an “open heart” which really resonates. Anytime you mix corporate power, with small business, and struggling foodies, and clean food startups… there could have been fireworks – but it was collaboration instead.

William, an educator, entrepreneur and social venture investor has dedicated his life to finding healthy and sustainable solutions to food and environmental crises. In addition to founding The Republic of Tea, William is professor at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, managing director at Physic Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in socially responsible business, and has been involved in growing companies such as Odwalla, Stonyfield Farms, Revolution Foods, Yummly and many more.

This event and format is highly recommended, you’ll leave feeling inspired and engaged, with Next Steps and “what ifs” in your head. –the editor

Earthquake Walk

The Earthquake Walk of San Francisco is an easy 2 mile loop around the SOMA district.  During this walk, you can see the 1865 and 1906 earthquakes by retracing the steps of historical personalities
and other eyewitness accounts.  Imagine awakening before dawn on April 18, 1906 to the unthinkable–a massive earthquake has toppled chimneys and buildings, and ripped apart city water pipes. With the fire on your heels, escape from the alleyways south of Market to what should be the safety of Union Square.

This walk starts at Lotta’s Fountain which is a San Francisco historic icon located at the intersection of Market Street where Geary, 3rd St. and Kearny Streets connect in the downtown area.   If you were looking for loved ones after the quake, you would have posted a message at the fountain. It’s not much of a fountain, you won’t see water, but rather a tall bronze spire.
Majestic, this hotel is a “must-see”; you’ll enjoy  the extraordinary beauty of the elegantly restored Palace Hotel. Its 140 year history is equally amazing!  See this 1909 Beaux Arts gem for yourself, and discover why it’s consistently ranked as one of the top luxury hotels in the world.  The Palace Hotel, is just across the street, from Lotta’s –both are historic landmarks.  Enjoy the Yerba Buena Gardens and park(between 3rd and 4th and Mission St. and Howard – one square block), next to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art — closed for a couple years of renovations).  There is an amazing mix of styles, high rises, art, several museums, theaters and cafes.
Head over to the Old Mint, which was where money was printed and coins stamped at one time, with the “SF” designation, located at 5th St and Mission. A great effort is underway, to restore this historic building to grandness. The devoted employees saved it by battling fires during the 1906 earthquake, admist fire and collapse all over this area. The money and gold they rescued were essential to the rebuilding of SF.  ($$ are minted at the “New Mint” now.)
As you walk through SOMA (South of Market),  you’ll see many architectural styles:  Classical Revival, modern, postmodern and green building trends. Architecture includes building facades, public places, and public art. Zigzag and saunter along main streets and back alleys.  Check out our very own BIG DIG — the emerging Transbay Terminal complex at First St. and Mission. Remember to look up, some of the most beautiful details are at the roof line!
If you have the time & energy for more walking, don’t miss The Ferry Building (Market St / Embarcadero at the Piers). It is full of shops now, farmer’s markets, restaurants and water transportation. This building has been used for many things, often government offices and as recently as the 1970’s it was a comprehensive USGS rock sample exhibition hall! The Embarcadero is a great place for a walk, with so much to see, check out the Discovery Museum on the waterfront. This area does have a lot of history, built on fill from the demolished buildings that didn’t survive the earthquakes of 1865 and 1906, it is a beautiful landmark , with bridge and water views.
City Guides is a group that offers free walking tours in SF, check them out, and get to know one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the USA.



Hike the East Span of the New Bridge

We’ve waited and waited.  Sat through endless traffic jams on the S-curve.  But now, finally, the new bridge is open and it’s really beautiful.  Even better, there is pedestrian access!
Let’s GET OUTSIDE to enjoy this feature of the bridge.
Here’s a plan:    You can meet at the Emeryville IKEA and walk the bridge, take in the view, take more pictures and even hike a bit on Treasure Island.  Then we’ll come back and stop for lunch at Elephant Walk in the shopping center next to IKEA.  If you feel up to it we can even check out a few of the stores near by.  It’s a great way to start off your morning.
PLEASE NOTE: Parking is not allowed in the IKEA parking lot.  There is paid parking in the Bay Street lot for as long as you need.
You can’t park all day, but it is a good place to meet, especially if you and friends are coming from several areas —
IKEA address is 4400 Shellmound St, Emeryville, CA 94608

East Bay Bike Party!

This is a monthly event, full of fun and silliness. The theme and location changes every month.  Google for monthly information. join the FaceBook page or read the blog

The East Bay Bike Party is a monthly mobile party for riders of all experience levels, ages, and bike types, to meet, ride, and play together on the streets.  It will start at dusk, around 7:30. In addition to a fun bike ride, there are costumes, DJs, and all sorts of fun stuff to do.  Mingle with other bikers, stop for a quick bite.  Get to the finish and dance all night long!
NOVEMBER’S party will begin at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, very close to the 12th Street Oakland BART station and the theme is  all about SUPER MARIO BROS!  In addition to the (safe!) riding we will encounter games villains  and obstacles to overcome at various stops along the way.  Should be an incredible evening. Bring your bike and come dressed as your favorite Mario Bros. character.
Every month is a new theme and everyone is expected to dress up in the theme.  Your bikes too!  You can add lights, feathers, decorate your bike helmet, bring a radio, even bring along your Dog! There is a great deal of latitude and creativity in this party! When the theme is announced we’ll get dressed up (again!) and go crazy on the streets! Drinks and food are easy to find.


* Lights – Rides are at night. Best to be SEEN.
* Locks – Thieves can ride off on unattended bikes. Lock bikes together at the party stops.
* Layers – It’s all outdoors, and the temp typically drops a few degrees by night’s end.
* Water, refreshments, snacks, plastic bag – You’ll expend some energy, and need a way to pack your trash.
* Tube, patch kit, pump, tools – The ride is unsupported, please come prepared.


And if you LOVED this one, try the San Jose Bike Party!   OR the SF Bike Party! 


Cafe Gratitude

The idea is that each dish is created with care and the finest organic ingredients to honor the earth and ourselves. The name of each dish is something fun and inspiring too:

  • I AM THANKFUL COCONUT CURRY SOUP -with avocado, tomato, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms and cilantro $6.50/ $9
  • I AM FULFILLED LARGE CAFE SALAD – mixed greens and all the good stuff with almonds $13
  • I AM ABUNDANT -sampler plate of appetizers $16
  • I AM WISE – quesadila plate with two handmade corn tortillas,cheeses, guac, salsa, and mexican coleslaw $12
  • many other choices- grain bowls, juices, breakfast, beer/wine

When it is served to you the name of the dish is turned around, so your server says, YOU ARE WISE. This is a sweet, small, welcoming place. It was so much fun to go, the food and smells were fantastic. There are full descriptions and detailed labeling for meals. Parking was very difficult near the SF cafe For more details, check www.cafegratitude.com


2400 Harrison St, SF/ 1730 Shattuck Ave Berkeley / 2200 Fourth St San Rafael and others