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Build, Do, Learn, Try it OUT!

Noisebridge Does Classes!

They do all sorts of events and lessons, from lock-picking to programming circuits, and web development.
There are less techy gatherings, like: “Learn & create calligraphy, lettering, fonts, handwriting, and all things letters.”

You can Build Cool Things with Electronics

No, this is not a boring long class in C++.  Nightbridge is a fun open space welcome to anyone interested in the creative uses of technology, Circuit hacking night.  Pick a kit (fees will apply): LED cube, Atari Punk Console, Hello My Name Is Badge in lights, and many many more.
Noisebridge will provide all of the tools and instruction. Make a present for the sweet nerd in your life, or create something new that you can show off to your friends. Best of all, have fun learning something new, while hanging with your nerdy, I mean uber cool E&A friends (I’ll be first in the nerd line!). We can head out for a drink and some food nearby and share our creations.
Bring cash for your kits ($10-50) and note that Noisebridge is a non-profit that survives completely on donations.  While Circuit Hacking Night is free donations are welcome and accepted.