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Celebrate Independence by Decreasing Your Dependence on Fossil Fuels

Thanks to  Swapdom.com  for sharing! 
Oh beautiful for polluted skies, for amber waves of acid rain. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? No, you say? Well, this is where America is headed if we don’t do something about our dependence on fossil fuels, which negatively affect people’s health, wildlife’s well-being, and, of course, climate stability. Here are a few simple, green ideas for filing down your use of fossil fuels so that this summer you can set forth on a path to keeping our country in good shape!
Carpool Cool
Whether you’re heading to work or roadtripping to some faraway place, consider the carpool as a great way to reduce fossil fuel use, time trapped in traffic, and the boredom of being alone. Chat with coworkers to find a convenient carpool arrangement to get to work, or network with other parents to get the kids rides to school. If you’re feeling extra awesome, start something akin to the Bay Area’s Casual Carpool, a free ride share service where you just show up at an appointed place to create an impromptu carpool to and from work.
Heading farther? Turn to a site like Ridejoy. This easy-to-use site is a great way to find a ride or passengers for long-distance trips. To help you feel at ease with the idea of ridesharing with strangers, the site connects to users Facebook profiles and uses a reference system.
Bump Up the Bicycling
Another Captain Obvious recommendation: Start biking instead of driving! The health and environmental benefits of this are pretty self-explanatory, so ‘nuff said.  Look at this article, Bike Sharing comes to 5 Bay Area Cities.
Switch to Solar
84% of total energy in the US comes from fossil fuels, so investing in solar can pay off big time for the Earth and for you personally! Home solar panels often harvest more energy than a household uses, and the excess can be sold to power companies. How cool is that?
Lights Out Early and Often
We’re all guilty of it, but leaving lights on when you sidle out of a room or depart for the day adds up to a big drain on energy resources and 32% of America’s CO2 emissions. Leave Post-it reminders in logical places around the house to help yourself get in the habit of only using lights when needed. Also, consider switching to CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs), which use significantly less energy than regular old bulbs.
This is our favorite (obvi!). A huge part of fossil fuel consumption is devoted to manufacturing, which results in 14% of the United States’ CO2 emissions. If we reuse things or swap for new-to-you items others no longer need, we’ll start making an impact on polluting production—and get some pretty great gear in the process.
How do you do your part to part ways with fossil fuel use?