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CORC Yoga Products – Sustainable & Beautiful











Is your News Year’s resolution to get more healthy and have some fun? Yoga is a perfect addition to any exercise program.  You can relax, rest, recuperate and stretch – yoga also helps me get the healing sleep that I need.

I’ve seen so many yoga products over the years and they all are made from plastics and rubbers that are not healthy or beautiful. The wood blocks, though natural, are noisy and heavy…. but you can Get Inspired! Take a look at the beautiful yoga mats and accessories that are available at http://www.corcyoga.com

These beautiful yoga mats will get your NEW YEAR off to a happy, green start.  They are made in Portugal using cork …. a product that is earth friendly, non-slip, created from natural materials and recyclable. These beautiful mats and bags are hypoallergenic, and durable too.

You know that a regular mat is made of PVCs and chemicals — the enduring smelliness tells you that …. and they get slippery and more smelly when wet… besides all that they are hard to clean.

Start with a great material – use Cork products by CorcYoga. They make mats, blocks, bags, backpacks and accessories. Get Bendy and relaxed with an awesome mat. I love mine.


100% paper bottles and jugs WOW!

Ecologic Brands is the emerging sustainable packaging company that has been making big waves in the industry with groundbreaking alternatives to plastic bottles and containers since 2010. The California-based company designs, develops and manufactures paper bottles and containers for brands around the world ­ 20 customers and bottles since launch ­ from Seventh Generation to Nestlé.

This is so cool!! Packaging that is sensible and recyclable and not plastic.  Makes my heart beat faster! If you live in a community that has ditched plastic bags and you are not using one-use water bottles…. you may feel virtuous….. but plastic still ends up in streams and the ocean.  This is a GREAT idea, even when we recycle, plastics get into our landscape and seascape, Ecologic has hit a home-run!  — the editor

Ecologic recently announced its boldest bottle to date with Néstle Purina¹s Pro Plan brand ­ a 100% paper bottle. The new jug is plastic free (not even a plastic cap), completely recyclable, and is made from 100% recycled paper (no coatings, no plastics). Ecologic is first to market with a plastic free alternative, and is the only paper bottle manufacturer in the market today.

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About Ecologic Brands, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Ecologic Brands is an award-winning paper bottle manufacturer driven by Julie Corbett¹s vision of reducing the waste and environmental impact associated with traditional bottles. Made from recycled cardboard, the eco.bottle® empowers consumers to make a difference by buying products in packaging that the Earth can live with. Ecologic has worked with 20 companies to date. See the future of packaging at www.ecologicbrands.com.

Bamboo Kitchen Products – Sustainable, Reusable

3Pc Bamboo tool Set-Lo Res BambooSteamer chopsticksFrom plastic bags and bottles to wasteful paper and more, everyday products are wreaking havoc on our environment and consumers are becoming more & more aware of the destruction this is causing, and are trying to go “greener.” Bamboo, which is actually classified as a fast growing grass (not wood!), does not require any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to grow, which makes it a great option for consumers who want to go green. 100% bio-degradable, eco-friendly, recyclable and also light in weight (it’s edible as well), bamboo is a better option for our environment.

In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), here are  a selection of bamboo products that are perfect for your kitchen to help you stay eco-friendly even when cooking.

The IMUSA Bamboo Steamer is made from eco-friendly material and allows for a healthier way to cook while retaining flavor, vitamins and nutrients. Bamboo steamers are great for cooking vegetables, seafood, dim sum and more. The beautifully woven bottom allows steam to pass through, while the multiple layers allow you to separate and cook a variety of foods at the same time. Available at Macys.com for $30.00

IMUSA’s Bamboo Mortar & Pestle (NEW SPRING 2014 PRODUCT) is an essential tool for traditional cooking and great for crushing fresh herbs and spices. IMUSA’s Bamboo Mortar & Pestle set is natural and eco-friendly, while featuring orange silicone accents for a stylish design, better grip and non-slip bottom to easily grind spices, herbs, garlic and more. Cooking with fresh herbs provides a much healthier and richer flavor when compared to dried herbs. Available in Spring 2014; Target.com for $17.99

IMUSA 3-piece Bamboo Cooking Tools Set is made from eco-friendly bamboo and includes a cooking spoon, spatula and coop to make stir-frying, sautéing, deep frying, steaming and parboiling easier. Available at BedBathandBeyond.com for $5.99

IMUSA Colored Bamboo Chopsticks come in a pack of 12 and are essential for enjoying the perfect Asian-inspired dishes. Add a burst of color to the kitchen table! Available atBedBathandBeyond.com for $5.99

The IMUSA Bamboo Tostonera is ideal for making perfectly pressed Tostones with just the right thickness and shape. Tostones are crispy fried plantains, which are very popular in Hispanic cusiine as a side dish or appetizer. This tostonera easily flattens sliced plantains and prepares them to be fried. Available at Macys.com for $9.99