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Don’t Swim with the Fishes, just Watch!

It’s a late night event- you love it during the day, but this is quite different and elegant! You can enjoy the glorious setting, enjoy dressing up, spend quality museum time with friends. It is the place to be.
The California Academy of Science is home to the Steinhart Aquarium, Morrison Planetarium, Kimball Natural History Museum, and a 4-story living rainforest.
Ca Academy of Science
Come explore the Steinhart Aquarium which houses more than 38,000 animals; be taken aback by the Morrison Planetarium which provides a highly accurate and interactive view of the universe; discover the history of the earth and the course we’re on at the Kimball Natural History Museum and explore the rainforest . . . all on a Thursday Night!

Every Thursday from 6-10pm the California Academy of Sciences hosts NightLife by transforming the museum into a 21 and over venue complete with cocktails, music, and mingling! That means no crowds, no children & no strollers and half-price admission.

Music Concourse Dr.
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA 94118
Location: Music Concourse Dr. in beautiful Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA 94118

please note: The Academy of Sciences does not hold tickets at Will Call,and it is hard to find people inside, so if you are meeting with a group of friends, be organized and allow for traffic and time to find parking, so you can arrive as a group.

California Academy of Sciences comes BACK

Spending hours at the fish roundabout was heaven, and Butterball the manatee was a superstar. It all seems so long ago, but our SF Aquarium is back. With an amazing green design, a living roof, coral reef, rain forest exhibit. I can hardly wait. The 410,000 sq. foot wonder will be ready to open and the end of September. The architect, Renzo Piano, has created a marvel, after 3 years of construction.  Can you imagine, there are 2.5 acres of green roof garden?!

Big Bang Opening Gala, September 25.

Now that the Academy has been open for awhile, I had heard such great and enthusiastic comments from people that have gone to check it out. It is a great place to start a family tradition: going to check out the new exhibits and having a picnic afterwards.  Kids remember these outings, and it helps them to come to know their world up close and through their OWN experience.