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Blue Orange Quality Games



With Earth Day approaching, we are all thinking about ways to minimize our environmental impact. Opting for durable and eco-friendly playthings that don’t require energy is a simple way to reduce waste and help raise a generation of environmentally-conscious individuals.  Isn’t it nice to have a toy that doesn’t fall into shreds after an hour of play!?

If you have played with Blue Orange games …. you know how well-made and innovative they are! They have suggested ages, however, I have enjoyed every single one! They are fun fun fun! -Editor

Blue Orange2This Earth Day, Blue Orange Games encourages families to turn off the TV, power down devices, and bring everyone together to make their own electricity–FUN! Their collection of sustainably made wooden games has something for everyone. Learn about the 2013 new release, Keekee the Rocking Monkey and Dr. Toy’s Best Green Product award winners below.

The first recipient of Dr. Toy’s Green Toy Company award, Blue Orange Games respects the environment and is committed to their eco-friendly initiatives. Since 2007, the company has been planting two trees for every tree used in the creation of their wooden games and playing cards, planting over 125,000 trees to date. Blue Orange partners with Pur Projet to offset their carbon footprint. This organization provides native trees for the reforestation of small producers’ cocoa plantations in the Amazon, helping thousands of farmers cultivating Fair Trade and Organic certified cocoa to increase and diversify their earnings, while protecting lands and biodiversity.

BLUE ORANGE never stops…. there is a huge group of games and quality toys that are developed each year.  Take a look!   Here is a Catalog for retailers.

Blue Orange Games

Here is a great local toy company with a commitment to quality. So, if you’ve been searching for a fun way to celebrate Earth Day, check out Blue Orange Games! They produce ONLY high-quality, long-lasting, eco-friendly games and they give back with a tree planting program.

They use durable materials such as non-toxic coatings; non-petroleum based plastic, recycled cardboard and wood and tin. After all, your kids will be chewing on these games, or maybe the puppy might take a nibble too!

And when they are sent to you, the games are self-contained, which decreases the amount of packaging.

On average, 35 games are created out of one tree; therefore Blue Orange Games is committed to replanting two trees for every one tree used in game construction.

FOR  Earth Day, have fun and play Gobblet, a game from the wooden collection or Trigger, one of their newest games.

If you lose a piece, that happens alot in our family, you’ll be glad to know that replacement parts are available. That is a smart idea!
Thanks Blue Orange Games,  your games are beautiful and well made!

Update for 2016:

BLUE ORANGE never stops…. there is a huge group of games and quality toys that are developed each year.  Take a look!   Here is a Catalog for retailers.


Blue Orange U.S.A.
1000 Illinois St
San Francisco, CA 94107

Ph (415) 252-0372