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Eclipse and Planning

How did California Grid Operators Manage the Eclipse? This is the kind of thing our power companies plan for… While school kids were gathered to “see the sun go out” others were making plans to provide power from list solar generation.
Grid managers knew exactly when the moon would transit the sun’s path, blotting out gigawatts of solar power generation along its path. California was not in the path of totality, but it was projected that the eclipse would knock out about 5,600 megawatts of solar power supplied by utility-scale power plants and rooftop solar panels. Utilities, however, were prepped and ready to replace the shortfall. IEEE has meetings and a monthly magazine that explains and discusses engineering and more.

PG&E -Power Deals announced

As reported by San Jose Merc, Pacific Gas & Electric announced two deals Thursday August 14,  that will result in 800 megawatts of power from massive facilities using PV panels — enough to power nearly a quarter-million homes, according to the utility.

SunPower, best known for making solar panels used on homes and businesses, will now build a utility-scale-size plant. The 250 megawatt facility, to be constructed in San Luis Obispo County, will start generating power in 2010 and reach full capacity in 2012. It will require approval from local and state regulators, EIR is in progress. THINK about how long this takes, conservation is the answer, to our energy needs, we can do that now.

The second deal, announced at a press conference at PG&E’s San Francisco headquarters, is even larger. The utility said it will buy 550 megawatts of power from a plant built by OptiSolar, a Hayward company. The plant, to be called the Topaz Solar Farms, uses thin-film solar panels that use sunlight to create electricity. Its technology allows it to deposit a thin layer, or film, of amorphous silicon on solar panels.  Environgmental Impact has been filed. The Mercury has a special online green section, great news for those of us trying to find great GREEN news!