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You Love EICHLER Homes?

You’ll want to enjoy this film.

Eichler Documentary Screening  Sept. 12, 6-8 p.m. 
A screening of “People in Glass Houses: The Legacy of Joseph Eichler,” produced by realtor and film-maker Monique Lombardelli, explores the phenomenon that mid-century modern developer Joseph Eichler created in the late ’50s and ’60s. Q&A after the movie.

Free Movie at Design Within Reach, 447 University Ave., Palo Alto, CA.

Eichler Homes, epitomize the mid-century movement. Beautiful, functional, and a design that invites the outside to be incorporated in every part of the home and family. Eichler is a local legend. He believed in establishing a community feeling and making small communities where neighbors would get to know each other. His homes survive and thrive all over California and are especially beloved in the SF Bay Area.  — editor