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Wonderful Wunderlich Park in Woodside

Wunderlich is a fabulous park with well-maintained trails,varied terrain, and beautiful autumn leaves! A hiker’s dream come true. Join us for a moderate 5 mile loop with over 1000 ft elevation change through redwoods and sloping meadows.

Things to bring on a hike:

Bring shoes and water (now there’s an interesting picture!). If you enjoy hiking, look into a decent pair of hiking boots that will support and protect your ankles from the occasional misstep. Athletic shoes with good ankle support will do in a pinch, but will not keep your feet dry if the trail has wet spots. Check the weather reports (and realize even they are just guessing). Bring an appropriate pack as well as food, water, and an extra layer or two of clothing (preferably waterproof) in case the weather changes unexpectedly.

It’s easy to find, take Hwy 280 in San Mateo County exit CA 84/Woodside Road (exit 25). Drive west on Woodside Road about 3 miles to the signed park entrance (it’s a small sign) on the right (west) side of the road, here’s the address:

3985 Woodside Rd
Woodside, CA 94062

For a Snack:  Nearby is a local favorite – Buck’s Restaurant on Woodside Road, you’ll pass the shopping center that its in on Woodside Rd / Canada Rd. Buck’s is crammed full of fun gadgets, photos, machines, brass horns, collections of baby shoes and way more. In fact there is a Scavenger Hunt game that you can play while you order and get your food.

Safety First! Here are the essentials all hikers should carry with them:

1. FIRST: WATER, map, flashlight (very important) These should be in your backpack or car anyway!
2. Compass
3. Wool Socks (wear ’em, don’t carry ’em, they really help.)
4. Extra Food- granola bars are good
5. Extra Clothing – think “layers” -you can pull them off when you warm up, or put them on as it gets cold
6. Sunglasses & hat
7. First-aid kit (If you are a minimalist, bring a few band-aids, Moleskin, first aid cream, and gauze.)
8. Pocketknife
9. Waterproof matches
10. Candle or fire starter

Stern Grove, Free Concerts Every Summer

Stern’s Grove offers a wide variety of music every summer. Opera, Symphony and more, check out their schedule.

It’s Free on Sundays in the Summer. You can download a festival guide, or get the phone app.

Located in the Park between 19th Ave and Sloat

It’s been going strong since 1938. Bring a blanket, rent a Pink Picnic Table, enjoy the day. There are even pre-event talks to learn more.

For More Free Music…. Try these venues:

    • Santana Row in SJ
    • Redwood City Events (most days all summer long)
    • San Carlos, Brittan Park
    • Redood Shores, Foster City Music on the Shore
    • Many Restaurants in the Bay Area have live music, ask and you’ll love it. (Try Cafe Claude or Sheba Piano Lounge in SF, or many of the wine bars in SF and SJ)
    • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk , they also have great beach movies, in addition to concerts