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Bernal Heights Hike

Summer Night urban hikes are so nice after a busy day!  Precita Street borders then entire park that is the starting point. There is parking around the park, but that fills up. As an option to walking up the Folsom St. hill you can drive up and park near the park in the residential area. The view is fantastic. The area is windy so wearing a jacket is a good idea. The paths from the street into the park are packed down earth and have elevation changes, the walk is worth it.
logoReady for dinner? or A snack first?    Precita Park Cafe at 500 Precita Ave San Francisco, CA 94110   (415) 647-7702 They have pizza, snacks, drinks and salads here. You can get some fuel before your hike. It’s a good place to meet before setting out. This neighborhood is really nice, with well kept up homes and mature trees.
**Remember dress in layers, comfy shoes, water. Yes, all the things you’d think about for a hike. AND BRING A FLASHLIGHT> do yourself a favor wear light colors. Stay on the sidewalks, out of traffic. Safety first, after all!
1)Walk through the beautiful Precita Park.  (Precita Park is bounded by Folsom and Alabama. Cesar Chavez St. is just a block away.)
2) Head South on Solsom St., towards Bessie St. On Folsom St., the hill starts to climb and we reach Bernal Heights Park  (.6 miles uphill) with and easy winding roads, beautiful trees, and GREAT views.
Turn Right onto Stoneman St., Turn Left on Bonview St. After a slight left, you’ll see stairs, climb them and head Right. Follow the stairs to the park extrance and climb up the hill for a view of the City.
3) Head back down from Bernal Heights Park, going Northeast – turn right toward Ellworth St.
4) Turn Right on Cortland Ave through another small but quaint neighborhood before
5) Loop back on level ground to your starting place.  Its a great way to get moving, enjoy friends and have a  great night.
Total total trip is about 2 miles and you’ll see to different city neighborhoods and the city lights twinkling at your feet!