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Terwilliger Nature Education Programs

Get inspired by the legacy of Elizabeth Terwilliger. She was an environmental dynamo in Marin, calling adults to action and inspiring children to love nature.

terwilliger centerMrs. Terwilliger developed an interactive, experiential type of learning that is still at the heart of our education programs today. Our programs aim to strengthen environmental stewardship and responsibility by teaching an appreciation of nature and a respect for wildlife.

WildCare’s education programs support the Next Generation Science Standards and our instructors are welcomed to take advantage of the many resources.

DISCOVER and LEARN…. out in nature with the family.  WildCare naturalists will lead fun family outings in both English and Spanish, with the objective of deepening our commitment to take care of the planet.

See the schedule of upcoming programs…

The Terwilliger Nature Education Center01Mrs.t_field_3x3#5E99

Mrs. T…. an environmental leader, an amazing teacher and the mover and shaker that started this program that taught thousands.

In the 1950’s Elizabeth Terwilliger, the daughter of a pineapple plantation doctor from Hawaii, a recent transplant to Marin County, a mother of two, and a nurse by training, began to do for her children what her mother had done for her. She took them outdoors to explore and discover the wonders of nature. She had developed a love for nature herself as a child, and she absolutely loved to share it with others, particularly with children. Mrs. T’s children invited their friends along on these adventures, and their parents eventually invited themselves in order to see what all the fuss was about. They discovered that Mrs. Terwilliger had a very special talent for educating children, and they set about creating the infrastructure to insure that as many children as possible could benefit form her unique approach to teaching about nature.

Mrs. T believed that children learn best using all of their senses. That if they could just explore the natural world and discover its wonders with just the right amount of gentle guidance, children would gain an important sense of the majesty of the natural world, and of their own connection to, and responsibility for it.

Location:  WildCare
76 Albert Park Ln.
San Rafael, CA 94901


SF Green Film Fest May 28-June 1!!

Over the last four years, San Francisco Green Film Festival ( greenfilmfest.org ) has brought over 200 compelling and relevant environmental film programs to Bay Area audiences. At venues across San Francisco we all have watched and loved the latest green independent documentaries on topics including: water in the West; better cities; nature and biodiversity; zero waste; and more.

All our films offered one thing: a unique perspective on the most pressing environmental issues.

But the Green Film Fest didn’t stop there. We have seen filmmakers, environmental experts, campaigners and local residents come together to watch, discuss and create ideas for a better world. We are using the power of film to spark environmental and social change.

It will be here soon, get ready to enjoy it!


Radioactive Wolves Of Chernobyl

Published on Jan 26, 2014  The descriptions of the scientist’s work to check on the animal populations after the meltdown in 1991. 56 minutes.

An amazing documentary on the radioactive Wolves of Chernobyl. Although, the subtitle is “scary mutations” this youtube was inspiring in its view of RESILIENCE and is well-filmed.  This documentary is very interesting and inspiring to see these abandoned towns being taken over by nature, beavers, eagles, moose, and yes wolves.  You’ll get a sense of what Russia was once like, the amazing beauty with a backdrop of cities that once were full of people. Land is returning to wilderness, beavers making dams flood the fields.  Falcons and eagles have established healthy populations.  However the cooling pounds are highly contaminated – catfish 8 feet long and more, they can live for almost 100 years and these have been undisturbed for decades. Fruit trees that were once cultivated feed badgers, bear deer and more. Scientists are monitoring the wildlife populations, and the effects of contamination from the CHERNOBYL reactor.

The evidence of resilience of nature is everywhere.  The bones of the animals do tell a story of the accident and contamination. Surrounded by waterways, the wooded and sandy islands are an ideal place for the breeding of birds.  The black stork has flourished here, as it prefers solitude. The nests can way one ton. Amazing beauty and a feeling of rebirth and regeneration, without further disruption of humans.


Filoli Sculptures and Blooms

Sunken Garden blooms  This week it’s …HYDRANGEAS!!    And  …. This week, the sculptures for the Summer Sculpture exhibit will be placed in the garden.   More information here

Over 60 pieces will be placed throughout the gardens, Visitor’s Center, main residence and entry drive from the north gate. The show officially opens next Tuesday, June 10 and runs through Sunday, September 7. The artists participating in the show are Molly Stone of Cohn-Stone Glass Studios, Marcia Donahue, Linda Hansen-Mau and other artists from the Orchard Valley Ceramic Artists Guild, Archie Held, Grant Irish, Jeff Owen and Richard Starks.

Sunken Garden blooms

The New Naturalists

Take a look at a great new program from the University of California. The UC Berkeley Conservation of Natural Resources program has written about it and has a group going now- It’s meant to draw in a diversity of people and train them to be CALIFORNIA NATURALISTS in 10 weeks.

The course is offered at several locations in California. In the UCB Fall 2013 Breakthroughs article “The New Naturalists” (pages 18-21). the article shows the students (of all ages, retired, finishing school, in various jobs) are enjoying the summer program in the Sagehen Creek Research Station, 10 miles NE of Truckee.  They talk about CITIZEN SCIENCE and bringing this learning back to thier communities.

You can receive the online version of the magazine by contacting breakthroughs@berkeley.edu

OR  go to nature.berkeley.edu/breakthroughs

Information about this amazing program:
California Naturalists: ucanr.edu/sites/UCCNP
Citizen Science: ucanr.edu/sites/UCCNP/California_PPSR

I have signed up for this course — stay tuned for Updates. I’ll let you know what I think!   – MAZ

SF Bay Ridge Trail

Connecting People, Parks and Open Spaces
Step by step, a spectacular trail is taking shape on the ridgelines above San Francisco Bay. Today, 340 miles of Ridge Trail are open for hikers, cyclists, and equestrians to enjoy – and protected for future generations. This effort has been going on for decades, and the trails are being linking into a huge continuous circle… learn more!

bay area ridge trail

Completing the Ridge Trail Loop
The Bay Area Ridge Trail connects and helps protect open space and wildlife habitat all around San Francisco Bay. It offers breathtaking vistas, stunning landscapes, and easy access to nature for short outings as well as epic adventures.

The Ridge Trail Council partners with park agencies, land trusts, and volunteers to plan, build, sustain, and promote the trail. There are many events, talks, seminars  and work parties to boost awareness, invite exploration, and inspire passion for trails and open space.

Lend a hand
The Council depends on trail enthusiasts like you, willing to lend a hand as a volunteer and/or to provide financial support. You can make donations, get involved, check on the progress “like” on FB and more… go to RidgeTrail.org

You’ll keep current – there is alot happening and you can find new places to explore, print maps, check out the interactive trail map tool, or learn about trail progress and upcoming trail events.

Would you like to have a Great Volunteer Experience?

ON Saturday, May 19, 2012 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am Please join all the great volunteers & staff for Filoli New Volunteer Recruitment at the Filoli Visitor and Education Center. Come and meet new friends and learn about all of the many ways to support this national treasure. There are MANY ways to help, and you’ll be able to ask questions and find a time/position that is perfect for YOU!

I fell in love with Filoli and became a nature education volunteer. The training was incredible, I love working with the kids and coming to Paradise every two weeks, is a great way to spend my limited free time. It is well worth it!

Please RSVP by Friday, May 11, 2012 by email to volunteer@filoli.org Watch the video below to learn more about Filoli Volunteers and the many ways that they serve.