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Healthy Food- how to find It!

Pinto! A new free food app. Ever wonder WHAT is healthy? Reading labels in tiny print doesn’t help much. It is hard to track what ingredients are in which categories like sugar, starch, vitamin.


Read on about Pinto:

WHY PINTO? The concept aims to deal a blow to food companies’ sleight of hand, which has to date brought Cheerios cereal dangerously close to being regulated as a cholesterol drug, led Vitaminwater’s lawyers to argue that “no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking Vitaminwater was a healthy beverage,” and seen Kind Bars scolded by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for calling themselves “healthy” (the company argued it was its corporate philosophy that was healthy, ( WHAT? Read that twice!)not the product).

Pinto means to offer a rare brutal honesty in nutrition that favors the honesty over the brutality—not a Yelp for food, but rather a Snopes, backed by roughly 120 dietitians and nutritionists who have been consulting and field-testing for Pinto.

It’s easy to set up your profile & goals. Pick the items you eat- to learn more and you can also get the results for the content/vitamins/ingredients you are tracking.

While the app is free to consumers, Pinto makes money, strangely enough, by telling food retailers exactly what they’re selling. “Obviously they know what they’re selling in terms of ingredients,” says Slover. “But they don’t know how customers are seeing that inventory. A restaurant can learn how much of its menu is Whole30-compliant and shift marketing around that. We offer that data automatically, programmatically, across the board. The share of Americans with specific dietary needs and wants isn’t going anywhere. It’s only going to grow. What we sell is a way to lock in a relationship with them.”

Skincare with a powerful blend of Natural Ingredients

(Irvine, CA.) – SBR SPORTS INC, the leading manufacturer of high performance athletic personal care products such as TRISWIM, FOGGIES and TRISLIDE, has developed another innovative product calledDERMASPORT!  This new skincare line specifically addresses the facial skincare needs of athletes and those with active lifestyles.
The rigorous and hectic conditions faced by athletes is sure to tighten up and strengthen the body’s core no doubt but those same conditions can wreak havoc on the skin.  Most people do not take into consideration that when working out, playing a sport or just leading active lifestyles, their skin deals with the elements of salt, sweat, wind, heat, sun and chlorine.  These elements throw off the natural and all important pH balance of the epidermis causing uneven, dry or excessively oily skin.  Other individual products may address pH balance but DERMASPORT is the first full line of facial products that were specifically created to restore it.
Combining advanced skincare technology with a powerful blend of natural ingredients and a light citrus based scent, the premiere collection includes: Athletic Face Wash (for oily, normal and dry skin),Athletic Clarifying Toner Mist, Age Defense Moisturizer and the Multi Tasking Eye Cream….each formulated to restore the skin’s pH balance, cleanse, clarify and nourish.  Key ingredients such as anti-aging peptides, antioxidants, soothing natural extracts and botanicals work synergistically revealing beautiful and healthy skin.  DERMASPORT not only repairs the skin’s natural barrier function, but restores delicate facial skin by neutralizing free radicals and accelerating cell turnover.  The ingredients are also easily absorbed into the skin enabling them to promote cellular renewal and most importantly restore your skins natural pH balance.
Paraben and gluten free, the products are designed for  the busy athlete. With the simple 1, 2, 3, 4 step skin regime, DERMASPORT can be used by everyone!  Simply following the designed program, skin will be revitalized and nourished in  just 4 minutes.  The concentrated formula in each bottle will last approximately 2 months as a small amount is required for each step.
DERMASPORT was conceived by SBR SPORTS INC’s founder Karen Allard, triathlete and former USA triathlon coach, and formulated by a world renowned chemist for SBR.  “There were no other products on the market that specifically targeted the sensitive and problematic issues of athletic and active facial skin.”  SBR SPORTS introduction of DERMASPORT seeks to fill an overlooked void in the beauty and grooming market for both men and women.  It is the ideal skincare line for people who in indulge in a broad range of athletic activities be they serious enthusiasts or fans of the daily light impact.  Founded in 2003, SBR Sports Inc is the parent company for other products she created such as;TRISWIM (chlorine out hair and skincare), TRISLIDE (continuous spray anti-chafe skin lubricant) andFOGGIES (anti-fog cleaning wipes).  Everyone with an active lifestyle can experience the winning difference of DERMASPORT!  http://www.dermasport.com
DERMASPORT Athletic Face Wash – Gently exfoliates without irritation giving immediate smoothness, hydration and clarity to your skin.  Helps in restoring the moisture balance with the use of Urea.  Contains antioxidants Vitamin A, C & E and Pro-Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera, Fruit and Herbal extracts and Botanicals to sooth, restore and rejuvenate.  $16.00/3oz bottle.
DERMASPORT Athletic Clarifying Toner Mist – Made with a blend of fruit Alpha-Hydroxy Acids made of Sugar Cane, Citrus Fruits and Apple.  The toner promotes cell turnover for a brighter, clearer even-toned complexion sans irritation associated with typical AHA’s.  Also helps reduces fine lines and wrinkles with continuous use.  The toner also includes Sodium Lactate, a naturally occurring humectant in skin that boasts impressive water holding capacities essential for hydration.  Oat Kernal Extract, Witch Hazel and West Indian Orange work as anti irritants, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory astringents enhancing moisturizing properties.  $15.00/3oz bottle.
DERMASPORT Age Defense Moisturizer – Age defying Jojoba, Argan and Abyssinian oils are used to calm and soothe while deeply hydrating the skin.  A powerful blend of Vitamins A, C, E, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Green Tea are added to fight free radicals while Acai, Gogi Berry and Pomegranate are added for their anti-aging properties.  Biomimetic peptides stimulate skin’s natural collagen producing abilities from within to restore elasticity.  $22.00/3oz bottle.
DERMASPORT Multi-Tasking Eye Cream – Created with a Peptide-rich Brightening Complex to reduce the appearance of dark circles, Marine Collagen to deeply hydrate and plump up fine lines and Shea Butter to restore suppleness and replenish moisture.  The cream also uses Oat Kernel as a soothing agent for the delicate area around the eyes, and Anti-Aging Complex to stimulate collagen production, accelerate cellular renewal and improve elasticity.  Vitamins A and E are included to fight free radicals, UV damage along with their natural anti-aging benefits.  $25.00/.50 jar.