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Numi Tea – the perfect Gift

Tasty Warming Teas….. and so beautiful too, look at the flowering teas! There is also tea with cardamom in it, this spice will uplift your senses any time of the day!



<http://numitea.com/indulgent-tea> Numi Indulgent Tea (NEW for 2014! SRP:

IndulgentTeaGroupShot LOWA new line of chocolate teas in four flavors –
Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Rooibos, Chocolate Spice and Chocolate Earl Grey –
that will launch in stores this fall.  Numi Indulgent Teas are certified
organic, verified non-GMO, Fair Trade Certified, and made with 100% real
ingredients (not “natural” flavorings, or perfumes) including real cacao

Store@FloweringTea@Gifts> Numi Flowering Tea(tm) Set in Bamboo (SRP: $39.99)

numis-80950.pngPackaged in an exotic, hand-made, dark mahogany bamboo case,
this gift set holds a box of Numi‘s Enchanted Blossoms Flowering Tea that is
filled with handsewn tea leaves and flowers, and a 16 oz. glass teapot
through which to observe the blooming tea petals.

miTeaStore@FloweringTea@Gifts> Numi Dancing Leaves Flowering Tea(tm) Set
(SRP: $34.99)

numis-80920.pngThis all-in-one set provides the finest 5 Flowering teas(tm)-
handsewn tea leaves and flowers that blossom when steeped. It also includes
a 16 oz. glass teapot for a unique and affordable gift.

Numi Holiday Teas (SRP: $6.99 / box)

Numi‘s seasonal holiday tea blends feature premium quality teas blended and
balanced with festive ingredients. Flavors include: Holiday Chai, Holiday
Herbal Chai and Winter Spice.  Numi‘s Organic Holiday Teas will be available
again this year on numitea.com for a SRP of $6.99 per box.

About Numi Organic Tea
Founded in 1999 by brother and sister team Ahmed Rahim (the alchemist) and
Reem Rahim (the artist), Numi Organic Tea is a purveyor of premium quality
organic, non-GMO and fair trade certified teas and teasans. Numi blends its
organic leaf teas with only real herbs, fruits, flowers and spices-not
unnecessary “natural” flavorings or perfumes. All Numi products are packaged
in recycled-content containers and non-GMO verified biodegradable bags and
are available in retail outlets in more than 30 countries worldwide,
including the U.S., Canada, the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and online at
www.NumiTea.com <http://www.numitea.com/> . An award-winning social
enterprise and founding B-Corporation member, Numi supports community
development projects worldwide. To learn more, visit NumiTea.com
<http://www.numitea.com/>  and follow Numi at Facebook.com/NumiTea
<http://www.facebook.com/NumiTea>  and Twitter.com/NumiTea
<http://www.twitter.com/NumiTea> .