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Mt. Sutro and a Foggy Escape

Hiking in Mount Sutro Forest is a different experience than almost anywhere else in San Francisco. It’s heavily shaded under the tall trees. Looking up at the trees, some of which are 100-200 feet high, really gives a sense of being in an old, wonderful place. On a foggy day, it may be the most beautiful place in all the city. The mist wraps the tops of the trees towering overhead while you walk through the trails of a fresh wet forest in its self-contained rain. On weekdays, there  are usually few people around, so there’s a sense of splendid isolation amid towering misty trees.

   Hiking Details and Map.

How to get there:  From eastbound on Lincoln Way: Continue onto Frederick Street, Right Turn onto Stanyan Street, Park near 17th

Stanyan at 17th St.
San Francisco, California 94117