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Earth-friendly Pool Maintenance

Contributed by Pool Services Technologies (www.poolservicestech.com) and Weber Pools (www.weberpools.com)

Summer is near and that means it’s time to make sure the backyard pool is in tip-top shape. Pools can be greatwhen it comes to keeping the family cool and happy, but we all know they require maintenance or they’ll quickly become a nightmare to return to safe levels. In addition, many homeowners have concerns when it comes to eco-friendly ways to maintain their pools.

For the eco-conscious pool owner, here are some of our top green tips for pool maintenance:

  • When feasible, use solar covers on pools and spas to cut down on evaporation and chemical use.
  • Shut off waterfalls and other water features when no one is home. This cuts down on evaporation and electric consumption.
  • When possible, run your pool pump at night when energy costs are typically lower.
  • If you’re located in the San Diego or Dallas areas, consider the Puripool Process, a mobile filtration unit and removes the hard water, acids, calcium build up, etc. while rebalancing the good chemicals and conserving nearly 85% of the existing water. (Visit www.poolservicestech.com or www.weberpools.com for more info).

In addition to these eco-friendly tips, it’s imperative that pool owners practice basic pool maintenance. Here are some basic pool care pointers to ensure safe swimming water:

  • Be sure your filter is clean and operating correctly. Clear any toys or leaves that may have accidentally made their way into the skimmer basket, which can also affect flow.
  • Set your pump to operate a minimum of six hours each day so the water turns over regularly.
  • Do a complete test of the water chemistry and correct any deficiencies.

You’d also be wise to hire a reputable pool company to do a thorough inspection of your pool at the start of each summer. Always be sure the following steps are included:

  • Check the pool for leaks. This is of particular importance if you live in an area where drought is a concern.
  • Check all equipment and plumbing for leaks. Minor leaks may seem inconsequential but can have severe effects down the road.
  • Check all filters, pumps, and motors for proper performance.
  • Optimize the levels of chlorine, pH, calcium hardness and conditioner.

Weekly professional servicing of your pool and having an eco-conscious mindset when it comes to pool maintenance will do nothing but make your pool owning experience all the more enjoyable.

More info: Pool Services Technologies (www.poolservicestech.com), based out of San Diego, California, and Weber Pools (www.weberpools.com), based out of Dallas, Texas, both offer the innovative Puripool Process—an ecofriendly water filtration method that helps home owners maintain eco-friendly pools.