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Don’t be afraid of AI

AI and VR bring the ability to imagine, learn, grow and most definitely Experience something outside our own world view.

I read to 5 year olds each week, they are the best, most inspired Imagineers! They love Unicorns, bat rays, Snowflakes, but Bees- not so much. Half of them have NEVER experienced Snow, but their peers describe it. They have an internal VR that is amazing! It gives me hope for our future.

This is essential in today’s world where the requirements of Diversity, Team building and hyper Productivity are demanded by companies and communities. How can you learn and retain? The goodness is— we have many options online- and they use VR, AI, Big Data, cloud computing, and virtual cash. Get involved, learning is available at seminars, courses, clubs, newsletters, the library, YouTube and (mostly) accessible and free to ALL!

The advances that AI is bringing to our world have been a half-century in the making. But AI’s time is now. Because of the vast amounts of data in our world, only the almost limitless computing power of the cloud can make sense of it. AI can truly help solve some of the world’s most vexing problems, from improving day-to-day communication to energy, climate, health care, transportation and more. The real magic of AI, in the end, won’t be magic at all. It will be technology that adapts to people. This will be profoundly transformational for humans and for humanity. — from the recent TIME article on AI author Lilli Chang of Microsoft

A Fantastic Literacy program: Project READ – Redwood City

Project READ is a free, volunteer-based literacy program that recruits, trains and matches volunteer tutors with low-literate adults, youth and parents. Tutors work with learners to improve his/her reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

If you are interested there is an upcoming tutor training workshop. All volunteer tutors must complete 15 hours of training prior to being matched with a learner.

Give the BEST gift in the entire WORLD, teach a child to read. It’s really true, imagine being able to travel anywhere, have enough confidence to challenge the status quo, contribute to inventions, understand that you are not alone! There are other innovators, dreamers and doers out there. A child can find them in a book… no matter where they are.    — the editor

The workshop will be held at the Redwood City Public Library in the Community Room, located on the third floor. Our address is 1044 Middlefield Road in Redwood City. There are five training sessions from 6:00pm to 9:00pm held Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Start Date : 1/17/2017


  • Should you have any questions or if you need further information, please call us at 650-780 7077
  • Wendy Mallegni
  • Project READ Administrative Assistant
  • rclread@redwoodcity.org

Project READ exists to fuel the fire of hope through literacy. Literacy is not only a human right but also a necessity and a gift of opportunities and hope.

Learning Something New

Some folks hated school. Some don’t like to read. Some have a particular learning style. Even without all that, you could be short-circuiting learning the things you need.

” When confronted with new information—especially knowledge that seemed to contradict what they already knew—the trainees simply shut down.” Excerpt from the book: Be Bad First, author Erika Andersen

There are several sources for learning how to learn. Fast Company describes the issues in their latest article, link here,  “What you Already Know Prevents you from Learning New Things”.  The essential skills start with knowing yourself and realizing when you are resisting the idea that doesn’t fit with your beliefs.


Diversity of Ideas

Be alert to new ideas. Realizing that ideas are not bad or good may help. Even more important is to understand that innovations are not TOTAL changes, but more usually making something bigger/smaller or faster / slower or innovating one process in a series. Rare is the new idea that turns everything on its ear! Applying this to ideas you resist giving credence to can start an avalanche of innovation. Imagine you hear an idea, label it as “BAD” and move on… but within that idea there may be the germ of a great new path for discovery. Think about what you miss by “switching off” when you don’t agree.

REAL School Gardens

Fresh air. Lifting rocks. Children getting in the dirt — with purpose!

Nearly 200 volunteers teamed up with the nonprofit REAL School Gardens to create a hands-on learning garden at John Quincy Adams Elementary School in one day. Volunteers prepared planting beds, installed fence posts and flagstone walkways, and topped a pergola.

Watch the garden come to life – real stories.

   Girl with Grub

The new garden helps teachers engage students and hands-on learning is so good for kids and their retention of new ideas. Make the classroom an outdoor classroom. REAL School Gardens creates learning gardens at low-income elementary schools and provides training to teachers so they can use the gardens for instruction and academic success.

Find a garden in your neighborhood!  Or contact your local school, they can use your energy and enthusiasm!


Start with a GREEN Education

The Sierra Magazine rates the TOP 100 Cool Schools, many of them are University of California campuses (Of Course) and each of them offers a variation on green – some are agricultural like UC Davis, and others are so green it makes you want to jump in,  like UC Santa Cruz and others …. go ahead take a look…  Top 100 Green Schools.