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Recycle your CRAYONS!

I didn’t know that you could do this! The Crayon Initiative recycles unwanted crayons and remanufactures them into new ones!  These new crayons are donated to children’s hospitals, art programs and other organizations that are invested in our children.

Art projects for kids and their families can be so therapeutic and relaxing. It takes the stress of a new room or hospital bed and puts the emphasis on fun, coloring, pictures, art. It is really a blessing for a family that is working through health issues with their kids. A small distraction, a way to forget about the pain or fear. I’ve seen many pediatric units covered with crayon art,  it helps.

This is really a cool idea.

How can you be a part of the Initiative?

  • Collect crayons
  • Volunteer
  • Donate Funds
  • Share Your Colors. Recycling unwanted crayons into unwanted possibilities.

Blue Orange Games

Here is a great local toy company with a commitment to quality. So, if you’ve been searching for a fun way to celebrate Earth Day, check out Blue Orange Games! They produce ONLY high-quality, long-lasting, eco-friendly games and they give back with a tree planting program.

They use durable materials such as non-toxic coatings; non-petroleum based plastic, recycled cardboard and wood and tin. After all, your kids will be chewing on these games, or maybe the puppy might take a nibble too!

And when they are sent to you, the games are self-contained, which decreases the amount of packaging.

On average, 35 games are created out of one tree; therefore Blue Orange Games is committed to replanting two trees for every one tree used in game construction.

FOR  Earth Day, have fun and play Gobblet, a game from the wooden collection or Trigger, one of their newest games.

If you lose a piece, that happens alot in our family, you’ll be glad to know that replacement parts are available. That is a smart idea!
Thanks Blue Orange Games,  your games are beautiful and well made!

Update for 2016:

BLUE ORANGE never stops…. there is a huge group of games and quality toys that are developed each year.  Take a look!   Here is a Catalog for retailers.


Blue Orange U.S.A.
1000 Illinois St
San Francisco, CA 94107

Ph (415) 252-0372


Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT)

BAY AREA WILDERNESS TRAINNG — this non-profit has an amazing mission…. learn the outdoors….

there are volunteer opportunities and they are looking for some new Board Members. Get Involved!

Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT) envisions a world where all youth have access to the wilderness. We believe that youth, once exposed to the wilderness, have a broadened sense of themselves, one another and the world around them, and are better prepared to lead social and environmental change. BAWT’s mission is to create opportunities for youth to experience wilderness first hand. To achieve our mission, we train teachers and youth workers from the San Francisco Bay Area, provide outdoor gear loans, give financial support, and foster community collaboration.

Bay Area Wilderness Training


Take your Vitamins – make it Fun

It can be hard to give kids the nutrients they need when juggling summer camps, traveling, BBQs and pool days – but #1 natural kid’s vitamin brand Rainbow Light has parents covered with their single-serve kid’s yummy gummy vitamin line!

It can be hard to get adults to take vitamins too…. and they don’t do any good at all if they sit on the counter. It’s best to always eat the best food, but kids often don’t want to sit still long enough. So vitamins can fill the gap. I take children’s gummies (yes I do), because (1) I’m doing what I want my kids to do (modeling good behavior) (2) they are easy to remember, and (3) I never get a stomach ache like I do when I take the “horse pill” huge adult vitamins that I avoid ….. — the editor

Their kid’s line includes 4 gummy vitamin types (below) that offer essential nutrients kids need for healthy growth in an easy-to-digest and delicious gummy! Available in fun character shapes and varying flavors, vitamins are 100% natural – free of sugar, dairy, soy, artificial flavors, additives, coloring and safe for all kids to try. Their BPA-free Eco Guard packaging also makes for a “green” purchase for parents.

Rainbow Light Children’s Vitamin Line

  • Kids One™ Chewable Multivitamin: Multivitamin that provides a balanced profile of the essential nutrients kids need for healthy growth, plus the nourishing goodness of vegetable concentrates they might not be getting from their diet alone. Probiotics are also included to support natural digestion and promote immune health. Chewable vitamins come in fun star-shapes and taste like fruit punch.
  • Fiber Garden Gummy Vitamins: Yummy, sour fruit Fiber Garden Gummies™ are sugar- and gluten-free and provide 4 g of fiber plus the ORAC (antioxidant) equivalent to 2 servings of fruits and vegetables. Single-serve packets preserve freshness and purity and are perfect for nutrition on the go.
  • Gummy Bear Essential Multivitamins: The most complete gummy multivitamins in the set, Gummy Bear Essentials are developed especially to nourish the growing minds and bodies of today’s active kids. Available in strawberry, lemon and orange gummy flavors. Single-serve packets preserve freshness and purity and are perfect for nutrition on the go.
  • Gummy Power Sours: These multivitamins deliver twice the recommended daily value of vitamin C for enhanced immune support, plus a balanced profile of vitamins and minerals kids need. Yummy sour flavors include pineapple, strawberry, raspberry and lemon gummies are gluten free and 100% natural.

Dr. Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., L.Ac., A.H.G., Director at Rainbow Light – With over 30 years of experience in the health space, as well as a licensed formulator and herbalist at Rainbow Light, Dr. Hobbs has immense experience in the specialties of vitamins, holistic health medicine, natural products, organic, wellness and diet/weight loss and has worked closely with families to help them achieve optimal health and following a “whole, simple and nutritious” diet approach.

Fishing made Dale a Community Champion

Inspired by a donation from his wife’s grandfather, Dale Ortmann began collecting, repairing, and giving away fishing rods to children in March 2013.

Now Ortmann has introduced more than 350 children to fishing the Allegheny River in and around Armstrong County in Pennsylvania. And his efforts are drawing national attention. Ortmann collects and refurbishes old fishing poles while on his front porch overlooking the Allegheny. He and his wife, Shannon love showing children how to fish its waters. That includes everything from how to tie a hook, reel one in, and use flotation devices to stay safe on the river.

He’s the winner of the TODAY show’s Small Acts, Big Impacts contest sponsored by Wells Fargo — selected from more than 600 community heroes nominated by TODAY viewers and social media fans Sept. 4–18. As the contest winner, Ortmann won a trip to New York City and the opportunity to tell his story on TODAY. Shannon, who nominated him, told the TribLIVE website, “I am so proud of Dale. He is so humble, but deserves recognition.” The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission also honored Ortmann Sept. 30 with a separate award.  A good deed and well deserved acknowledgement, it makes a difference to so many kids.

2 Million Americans develop Skin Cancer each Year

It’s time for a wake-up call about sun safety. That’s why EWG has partnered with leading dermatologists and nearly 20 sunscreen makers to launch our Sun Safety campaign, designed to raise public awareness about the dangers of sun exposure and provide practical guidelines for everyday sun safety.

Click here to check out EWG’s newly launched Sun Safety campaign and see how you can protect yourself and your family from skin damage.

Fewer than one in three adults report using sunscreen frequently and even fewer Americans report frequently taking other measures to avoid sun exposure, such as seeking shade, or wearing a hat or covering up with long sleeves.

EWG just launched its Sun Safety Campaign. Click here to see tips on how to practice safe sun.

At EWG’s Sun Safety website, you’ll find resources such as:

Kids Clothes & Fund Raising for Schools

What goes around, comes around… Now, those clothes your kids have outgrown are turning into cash for your child’s school.

I thought you might have interest in this “green find.”

sustain textbooks“Schoola Stitch” just launched – a massive online consignment store for brand name kids clothes at major savings. Parents all over the country have collected and sent in tens of thousands of gently used clothing items for the sale. Those items are now online – with the money going right back to help schools! Families can get great deals on jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses and more. Shoppers also help schools in need with 40% of the purchases going right back to the school of the purchaser’s choice. www.schoolastitch.com

The program is designed as a win-win-win. Parents can unload those clothing items that no longer fit. Other moms and dads can get great deals on fashion
finds. And schools have a chance to raise much needed dollars before the start of the next school year.