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Kickstarter: New Solar Technology to Build an Underground Park

New Solar Technology to Build an Underground Park

New Solar Technology to Build an Underground Park

By The Lowline

What if the sun could shine underground? The people behind the Lowline asked themselves this question when they first imagined a park in an abandoned Lower East Side trolley station. Now they’re taking the next steps to reclaim this unused space by developing their solar technology, with the aim of creating a totally new kind of public space right under the feet of New Yorkers.

TRIPLIT — light your way!

TripLit is the world’s first portable organic LED lamp that is energy-efficient and can be used anywhere including camping, outdoor activities and in the home for everyday use. 

TripLit is perfect for traveling and saving the environment because it:

  • Has ZERO UV emissions which consequently eliminates its impact on the environment.
  • Is Mercury-free.
  • Lasts for over 30 hours and recharges via micro-USB or a high-efficiency solar charger, so no batteries are needed.
  • Offers three different positions to make it accessible in all situations– you can hang it, flip it and extend it!
  • Doesn’t attract bugs and never gets hot! 

TripLit’s Kickstarter campaign reached over 25 percent of its funding goal on day one. Very adaptable, take a look!

Kickstarter Page: http://bit.ly/TripLitKS

Sharing, Good for All

Toward a Sharing Economy” in the Green America magazine highlights some of my favorite sharing methods and groups.
Check out these:
Car-sharing: Zipcar, Chicago’s I-Go
Bike sharing: I love this, and I see it all over the SF Bay Area  (the bicycle coalition). There are also amazing groups of volunteers that collect and refurbish old unwanted bikes and give them away.
Crowdfunding: IndieGogo and Kickstarter, with many other local groups. Another essential part of this is loan funding for seed capital from small groups. (It’s a great experience – see Luke’s Toy Factory.)
Free Software Movement: The GNU General Public License, the free LINUX operating system and great efforts by small groups to teach and share knowledge.
Creative Commons: photo sharing, art sharing even necktie sharing. You can have it all, give it away, get some more, enjoy a community of sharing.
Homes, vacations, rentals: This is a fun and lively option, AirBnB and also HomeAway makes it easy. More formal than couch surfing but still a good adventure

Kickstarter – StorkStand: The Most Affordable, Mobile Standing Desk

The Kickstarter project StorkStand for standing and using your computer is available, they are gathering funding now (Ends June 16).

Mike built a standing desk solution that actually attaches to an office chair, making it mobile and compact for any workspace. StorkStand offers a mobile workstation that you can wheel around your office, use as a podium for presentations, or finally get that window view you always wanted.  When you’re done standing, StorkStand simply collapses and stores under your desk or in a bag.

StorkStand_5Standing at work improves metabolism and blood-flow, it burns up to 260 calories an hour, and it helps to keep you sharp and focussed so that you do your best work.  It is stable and can hold 50 lbs.


– See more at: http://www.berkeleysg.com/crowdfunding/crowdfunding-spotlight/storkstand/#sthash.O49LvgEc.dpuf

You can also check out Mike Goldberg’s blog HERE.