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Finally! A way to fill YOUR OWN k-CUPS!

Instead of selling pre-filled k-cups, Ekobrew instead is a k-cup filter that you can reuse as many times as you’d like – filling it with whatever brew you prefer. While this does open up many new possibilities, the biggest drawback to the Ekobrew is the loss of the convenience. It took a bit longer from “I think I want to have a cup of coffee…” to actually drinking one.

However (and this is a pretty big deal) the biggest benefit of the Ekobrew and other similar filter options is the decreased environmental impact. K-cups and the Keurig movement have been declared the most “wasteful form of coffee.” Ultimately, these two balance each other out.

Price is another big win. This option has an estimated price tag of $0.20-0.25US per cup, and could be brought down even lower depending on the total life and operating time of the filter.

NOTE: Keurig 2.0 owners who have attempted to use other or older k-cups with no success, have no fear. There is a simple fix (it’ll take you less than five minutes) that will let you work around it. Just search “Keurig hack” on YouTube or check out this one.