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Job Train – New Executive Director

Sharon Williams is a local hero. It has always been her passion to

  • connect the community to job-seekers
  • job training for those that need it
  • listening to industries and companies

She makes all these efforts timely and relevant.
After decades of great leadership at JobTrain, Sharon has found a successor – Nora Sobolov. Sharon has asked us to offer Nora the great support that we have contributed to JobTrain over the years. Nora can count on us, this great organization has so many fans for a reason.

Job Train over the Years

JobTrain is training Solar Technology

JobTrain_FrontIf you want to join the green revolution, consider SOLAR! JobTrain in Menlo Park is continuing their solar classes to meet the high demand. These extensive classes are free and require a commitment of several weeks, 8 hours a day. For more details and to attend an orientation, check the website. Many graduates go to work at SolarCity which is hiring now. The work is hard and rewarding, the training prepares you for the pre-employment written test. There is a lot to learn, but this is a growing industry. Several graduates from the solar classes have given their insights and feedback to make the current classwork and students better and more prepared.
JobTrain is located at 1200 O’Brien Drive in Menlo Park, CA 94025. You can follow them on FaceBook. www.jobtrainworks.org

Additional information about JobTrain: Weatherization classes  and Solar Panel Installation classes.

Green Job Training

Where did all that stimulus money go? Have you asked that, just as I have? Then this post is for YOU, dear reader.

JobTrain is offering training in Weatherization and Energy Audit brought to you with the Stimulus money for green job training. This training group is amazing and experienced and training is free. More than free, they make sure you succeed! And while you are thinking about investigating working in a sector that is GROWING and socially meaningful, check out Solar Panel Installation or the other classes.

Registration is at 1200 O’Brien Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025 Check the website for more information – www.jobtrainworks.org or email bjohnson@jobtrain.org

Course Dates:

  • October 13 to November 14 2009
  • November 17 to December 19 2009
  • January 5 to February 6 2010

This group provides support, experienced trainers, information, and items you may need to succeed. They have other programs. They are the best! A great organization and resource in the Bay Area. PeninsulaWorks is also at this facility.

Sustainability Programs

I have written about Job Train in Menlo Park and their accredited Solar Panel Installation course before. They are a super star in training and offer free programs (this is $30,000 worth of training that is supported by grants and corporations). They always deserve another mention, in my mind.

Our Junior Colleges also have Green Tech classes available and here is a list of the colleges and courses compiled for you; this list has a short description and a contact point along with the name and location of the college.  This is an area of our economy that is growing and the education that you receive will be put to good use.