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India won’t allow driverless cars if they take away jobs

In language that is sure to frighten the likes of Google, Tesla, and every other company with a foot in the driverless car game, India’s road transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari has said that driverless cars will not be allowed in the country if they take away jobs, reports the HindustanTimes.

“We won’t allow driverless cars in India. I am very clear on this. We won’t allow any technology that takes away jobs. In a country where you have unemployment, you can’t have a technology that ends up taking people’s jobs.” — Nitin Gadkari Highways minister 7/25/2017

India is one of the top destinations tech companies are focusing their resources on for growth. With a consumer market of 1.2 billion people, if India actually ends up not allowing driverless cars in the country it will effectively seal off one-sixth of the world’s population from the autonomous car market.  – Michael Grothaus (FastCompany)

After working in technology for 4 decades, it seems that technology doesn’t take jobs, but rather creates a new employment track that is fascinating and innovative. Yes training is needed to participate, but that should be an obstacle that we can tackle.

However my logic could be skewed, since I am eagerly awaiting autonomous cars and more innovation. — the editor

And just for fun, you might want to read this one too:  “Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are having a spat about whether AI will kill us all”

Veteran’s Business

During the beginning of the year there is usually an uptick in hiring. Now is the time to consider Veteran Hiring, there are several groups that can help you place a veteran in your organization. You’ll be getting an amazing, hard-working, team player that knows how to make hard decisions. It’s a great step forward for your company.

“Those who have served in the military represent a special group. Their ability to make tough choices, lead under pressure, and think strategically is of great value to businesses,” said Vautrinot, who continues to mentor and advocate for veterans in the startup space. “It’s important to advocate for veteran entrepreneurs as they channel their desire to serve into the mission of their companies.”

Continuing public service through business was the main motivation for Mike McNerney, co-founder and CEO of Efflux Systems, a cybersecurity startup that offers tools to filter through the noise of repeated cyberattacks in order to more quickly detect and respond to specific threats.

Former Army Capt. Blake Hall learned to get comfortable making difficult decisions amid chaos. Those skills have come in handy now that he is a civilian business owner, though the weight of his decisions doesn’t have the same weight as it did during his days in service.

“It’s all about perspective,” Hall, a former member of the elite Army Rangers, said about the challenges of being an entrepreneur. “No challenge has the same magnitude as the prospect of losing a life.”

Image result for veterans and jobsMotivated by a desire to serve the veteran community, Hall founded ID.me in 2009. The digital wallet allows veterans and others to manage their digital identities via a single login, which streamlines the process for applying for various services and discount programs online.

Take a look at Veteran-founded technology startups like these national nonprofits Bunker Labs and VetsinTech.

UPDATE on the Green Car Program for VETS!

Hi All..

This is an update of what has been taking place

1. We took a trip to Washington DC.  We did some personal recon of the situation in Congress.  And here is the plan we formulated.. Here are the names of the Representatives in the House Ways and Means Committee.  These are basically the Reps who hold the keys to unlocking the Veteran Employment Tax Credit.  This Credit will give employers tax breaks for hiring Vets.  This is a major bill that needs to pass.

As Veterans we need to pass the word and get other Veterans involved.. It’s as simple as sending these guys an email,  Especially if you are a Veteran who lives in their districts.. All you need to do is send them a short email that says your name.. Where you live in their district.  And the phrase “vote yes on the Veteran Employment Tax Credit Bills”.

It’s important for all Veterans to get involved in this . If you have to forward this email to your buddies go ahead. For non Veterans this is important for your friends, family members, and loved one’s who are Veterans now or who may be getting out of the service and becoming Veterans.  Please help out in this mission.

2. I have been waiting for my Web Site to get set up. Joint Force Veterans.  This is the site that I will switch to to handle all of my communication.. The site is still under construction but it is www.jfvets.org.  Expect to receive email from me with this server.

3. Updates on the Electric Car Program.

– Skyline and Tesla are working on developing a training curriculum as we speak.  The new class is scheduled to open Fall of 2012.  It will be open to all students who enroll at Skyline.  This class will train in the requirements that Tesla is looking for.

– In the mean time.. Tesla is still getting back to me on the names of the Veterans they have picked to hire. I will contact those Veterans and meet with you guys prior to a private awards ceremony which will be held at Tesla’s factory in Fremont.. After those Veterans have cleared probation we will have an official award ceremony at the War Memorial Building with the “new hires”. At that same ceremony we will also have another hiring event.. Tesla will be able to interview as many Veterans as possible that day.

– Some of the items we discussed with Tesla were.. Creating work shifts around Veteran students so that Vets can still go to school.. Working for Tesla will also provide Veterans with 4 units per semester.. So that Veterans can take 8 units of class and use the work at Tesla to fulfill the 12 unit requirement for the Post 9/11 GI Bill.. So yeah.. Tesla ROCKS..!!! Gotta love these guys.

– We still have training institutes that we are evaluating at the moment for training Veterans now.. So far the tuition money is secured.. The money for laptops is secured.. We are still working on Stipend money. If you are a donor who pledged money for the program.  Now is the time to contact me in regards to the Stipend.

– The training program that we have scheduled in June. So far appears to be on track to start up on the 3rd Monday. If problems arise then August at the latest.. This program will provide skills that Tesla is looking for but we are still setting up a program that can put graduates into Tesla.. The plan is to have the graduates also complete the train the trainer programs and if not work for Tesla work for Skyline as instructors..

– I have been so busy working on Tesla and recently I have been so wrapped up in my Presentation and Research for Stanford University that I have been neglecting the Car Program momentarily. Now that I am finished with my Stanford Presentation and have updated my journals on my research.. I can focus on the car program once again.

– So now I can focus on Nissan.. Nissan is very interested in helping Veterans now.. In fact they are very interested in Veterans who have Motor Transport backgrounds who go through the course that we are pushing for in June.. So I will keep you updated on that progress.

4. Some by the way announcements. EDD and Arnell Junio just awarded me with a plaque and gift card for my work with Tesla.. EDD is doing some wonderful things for Veterans and I am happy to be working with them.

– Swords to Plowshares is also stepping up and getting involved with the program and they are providing much needed support.  They are such an awesome organization.

– Assembly Member Jerry Hill has invited me to Sacramento to receive the Veteran of the Year award in June.. He even took the time to call me personally.  I’ve never met him.. But.. I have always heard great things about him.. And I can see why he is so highly talked about by the people who have met him.

– While in DC I made some powerful connections with some very high powered groups and high powered Veterans.  So they are now being introduced into the operation to take part in the battle.  So be prepared for some serious Shock and Awe in the future.

Thanks for you time and if you have any questions feel free to write me back.  I may have left out a lot of things. So just remind me.

Jarom Vahai  email: jlvahai2@aol.com
Member Veteran Advisory Committee Congress Woman Speier
President Skyline Veterans Alliance
Member Veterans Bay Area Alliance
Marine Corps League Education Liason

VETS! Job Opportunities at TESLA

Skyline Veterans Event Today, Friday, April 22
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Electric car kick off program

9am-10am: Cars arrive, vendors, groups setting up information booths, ect..

10am-11am: Tesla commences interviews, Green show in the quad commences, Hooters food and beverage certificates handed-out, music and other planned events.

Tesla interviews will be held in bldg 4..

Veterans remember to bring the following:

– a resume or written job description

– DD 214

– Copies or originals of certificates both civilian and military

– remember Tesla is filling all positions so go to this website.. http://tbe.taleo.net/NA7/ats/careers/jobSearch.jsp?org=TESLA&cws=1
find a job that fits your qualifications and let the recruiter know..

11am-12noon: Introductions and speeches; especially from our keynote speaker The Honorable Congresswoman Speier

12noon-1pm: Tesla recruiting continues, time to mingle, rest, ect..

1pm-2:00pm: Veteran meeting in the School Theater

Jobs at the Clean Up Site – Oil Spill

Temporary Summer Jobs for Oil Spill Clean-up

        Please note the following announcement from Shamrock Environmental
        Corporation.  Read carefully and respond as instructed.
      Shamrock Environmental Corporation has been contracted to provide support
      personnel to assist with the oil spill clean-up throughout the Gulf Coast.

      Areas where work may be performed are Louisiana , Mississippi ,  Alabama and Florida .  All workers will require OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operator Training (WE WILL PROVIDE).  Successful completion of a physical and drug screen are also required.  Each applicant must be 18 years of age or older.  The hours will vary but expect LOTS of overtime.
        RATE OF PAY:  $13.00/hr. straight time
       $19.50/hr. overtime (after 40 hours/week)
       PER DIEM:  $26.00/day for meals
     LODGING:   Provided
        Work may include, but is not limited to manual labor associated with removing
        crude oil from impacted beaches, rocks, boom, or any other items that have
        come in contact with the oil.  Technicians may be required to operate
        pressure washers, mops, rakes, shovels or a variety of other hand tools or
        small pieces of equipment while wearing proper protective gear.  Work
        environment may include working on or near water, in marshland, beach and
        estuary locations in hot and humid conditions day or night.
Work is available IMMEDIATELY for safety conscious workers.  Transportation to the Gulf Coast will be provided.  The HR Group has been contracted to conduct  this recruitment. *Applications MUST be completed at:  http://www.shamrockenviro.com/docs/ShamrockEmpApp.pdf

Send resume to: recruiter@shamrockenviro.com