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Story of a Lost Boy from Sudan

A former ‘Lost Boy’ finds freedom and success; progress toward corporate social responsibility goals; more

Ateny Ajak, who was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, who through a series of twists and turns ended up in Los Vegas, with a beautiful wife, 4 children and a job at Wells Fargo.

I know that when I bought my first home, I was thrilled to be part of a community…. It was in 1985 and the interest rate was over 15%, it was a struggle to get a loan approved.  I was working at a Federal financial regulator in SF and compliance was very strict. When I had the mortgage in my hand I was so happy. Giddy even.  – – the editor

Ajak’s joy at owning a home in the U.S. led him to a career that helps others experience the same thing, said Michelle Merced, executive director of Neighborhood Housing Services of Southern Nevada, a Las Vegas nonprofit that works with the LIFT program.