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Sugar, Stress, Addiction, Obesity

farmers market This is incredible, easy to understand nutrition information, backed up by science and facts.  New data about sugar. Can your liver handle it? Can you metabolize it?

Learn about Metabolic Obesity. It affects many of us.

Does sugar cause obesity?

You’ll want to take a look at this video by UC TV, click here>>  Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0

Learn more about:

  • Fructose –processed by your body the same way alcohol is, it is added to nearly everything.
  • Sucrose – Sugar consumption-   every country where sugar consumption went up, diabetes went up a few year later.
  • Glucose – rice bread startch, becomes glycogen, non toxic, it’s fuel, example: “carb loading” for martathons
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup – a sweetener that contributes to obesity, BUT it doesn’t make you feel full.
  • Alcohol – addictive & toxic, substrate for obesity, almost the same as sugar, does the same thing to the brain
  • Correlation between, diabetes, obesity, soda drinking and unhappiness!
  • All related:  in the Reward Center of brain, addiction, hunger, reaction to stress.
  • Salt, Sugar, Fat, Caffeine…. the building blocks of Fast Food, which is why you crave it.
  • Fast Food, processed yogurt, granola bars, high sugar+ low fiber, advertised as nutritious, but loaded with sugar.
  • Cardiovascular health depends on good food.
  • Big Food produces didn’t want to disclose all ingredients: Proprietary information, food labeling, added sugar in food.
  • 56 names for sugar that you may not know!
  • Fat Chance the Bitter Truth about Sugar  a book by Rob Lustig MD, he is the speaker in the seminar, Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0
  • Check out www.responsiblefoods.org   – Institute for Responsible Nutrition