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Yoga at Grace Cathedral

1100 California St
San Francisco, California 94108
The class starts promptly at 6:15pm, so if you are running late, be sure to not disrupt the rest of the class. 
The practice of yoga is very diverse and can be anywhere from extremely gentle to quite athletic.  This yoga class is designed for beginners and experienced students and will be taught by Darren Main with the musical stylings of Timothy Das.  No prior experience necessary!
What should I wear?
You will want to wear loose, comfortable clothes that allow for easy movement. Remember that the cathedral can be rather cool so be sure dress accordingly. Many people also bring a blanket with which to cover themselves during deep relaxation.
What do I need to bring?
Please be sure to bring a yoga mat. Many people also like to bring yoga props such as a strap and a block to support them in their practice.
There is limited street parking in the Nob Hill neighborhood. There is a parking garage at the church, however. The entrance to the Garage is located on Taylor Street to the right of the cathedral steps.
What is an appropriate donation?
We suggest a donation of $10, to help us cover our expenses. Your generosity helps us to offer yoga to everyone regardless of the number of pennies in their piggy bank. If you have a little extra, please give a little more. If times are financially difficult, please contribute only what feels comfortable to you. Your donations support Grace Cathedral, the teacher and our musicians on the nights they share their music. As a general guide only, the drop-in rate for a yoga class at most yoga studios in San Francisco is between $15 and $20 dollars, however no one is ever turned away.
This beautiful setting is a great way to experience the calm and quiet of yoga. Yoga can help you center, lower blood pressure, get in touch with your aches and pains and relieve them, it can change you.   Give it a try. There are modifications to every pose and Child’s Pose is a great way to rest and subtly stretch.   -Editor