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Healthy Food- how to find It!

Pinto! A new free food app. Ever wonder WHAT is healthy? Reading labels in tiny print doesn’t help much. It is hard to track what ingredients are in which categories like sugar, starch, vitamin.


Read on about Pinto:

WHY PINTO? The concept aims to deal a blow to food companies’ sleight of hand, which has to date brought Cheerios cereal dangerously close to being regulated as a cholesterol drug, led Vitaminwater’s lawyers to argue that “no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking Vitaminwater was a healthy beverage,” and seen Kind Bars scolded by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for calling themselves “healthy” (the company argued it was its corporate philosophy that was healthy, ( WHAT? Read that twice!)not the product).

Pinto means to offer a rare brutal honesty in nutrition that favors the honesty over the brutality—not a Yelp for food, but rather a Snopes, backed by roughly 120 dietitians and nutritionists who have been consulting and field-testing for Pinto.

It’s easy to set up your profile & goals. Pick the items you eat- to learn more and you can also get the results for the content/vitamins/ingredients you are tracking.

While the app is free to consumers, Pinto makes money, strangely enough, by telling food retailers exactly what they’re selling. “Obviously they know what they’re selling in terms of ingredients,” says Slover. “But they don’t know how customers are seeing that inventory. A restaurant can learn how much of its menu is Whole30-compliant and shift marketing around that. We offer that data automatically, programmatically, across the board. The share of Americans with specific dietary needs and wants isn’t going anywhere. It’s only going to grow. What we sell is a way to lock in a relationship with them.”

Meditation is worth a Try!

I really enjoy my yoga community! For getting started meditating, I’ll share a few things that work for me. Meditation has calmed me, lowered my blood pressure, increased my air intake by 200% (yes, I measured), and made my life “lighter”. Phone Picture Fall 2012 429This may be something you are interested in…. so give it a try!  I’d also recommend relaxation yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and attending Compline at Stanford University Chapel (Sundays 8pm) or finding a mediation or yoga hiking group.

I often have ‘monkey mind’ after work and dinner… that makes meditating difficult. Also, experiment with different times of day or days of week and various places. You’ll find one that works.

  1. Take a silent walk around your block at home. Being outside can reset your mind.
  2. Get in the most comfortable position to meditate (but not sleep)… try a chair, if sitting on a mat is not working.
  3. Use bolsters/pillows to stabilize your posture, eye pillows (or washcloths work) to gently shut out light, trying relaxing from head to toe first, calling each area and consciously relaxing that spot.
  4. Breathing – (this is my biggest help!) imagine a square.
    1. Inhale: Count 1 2 3 4 slowly while breathing in  – imagine moving from Left to Right along the top of the square
    2. hold breath for 4, imagine moving down the right side of the square
    3. Exhale: count to 4, gently exhaling, imagine moving from Right to Left on the square.
    4. hold breath for 4, imagine moving up the left side of the square
    5. Repeat  (you may alter the number of counts to 2 or 3 or 5 depending on your breath, but keep a consistent number on each side of the square), the calmness and repetition combined with giving your brain “something to do” really helps.
  5. Meditate with a friend or a sleepy dog or with white noise. To involve your sense of smell try a bit of lavender essential oil on your palms / or soles of feet.


Satori Yoga Studio – Yoga Time for Us!

Sometimes there is something you are wishing for ….. and voila…. like magic… You find it!

Downtown SF, a great place to work, but it can be stressful. What to do? Yoga always helps. I couldn’t find a studio until now. Andrea Stern is the founder, dedicated to you and yoga, funny, friendly, resilient and welcoming. There are many classes and instructors to choose from.

You’ll want to check this studio out, here is the schedule for this week:  http://satoriyogastudio.com/schedule/#Thu


There is yoga, Pilates, massage, meditation and more. THE SPACE is beautiful, airy, high ceilings from another time period. Come enjoy friendly, relaxing, happy yoga….. and unwind.


110 Sutter Street Suite 100

San Francisco, CA 94104