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Looking at the Exercise Tracking options

From our group of fitness buffs, comes this comment:

I thought you’d enjoy the pros /cons.

I had looked at this category in general. Found it coming up short in several aspects. I am holding out on a Smartwatch instead until those mature a bit more. If I was going to buy right now, I’d go for LG Watch Urbane http://www.lg.com/us/smartwatch/urbane rather than fitbit. It has heart rate sensor which comes very handy in anything cardio. Not to mention the fact that it does have a screen, thus eliminating my need of a wristwatch as well. (Of course don’t want to wear 2 things.) Having said that, I did buy MI Band http://www.cnet.com/products/xiaomi-mi-band/ for my son ($16 Amazon) since he went fitness nut. Its extraordinarily rugged and waterproof to 5 ft., making it 10 year old proof. My wife tried it for sleep patterns and found pretty accurate results. For those who haven’t got one yet, you might want to look at the whole Fitness Tracker category. Please see Smartwatch and fitness tracker buying guide at http://www.cnet.com/topics/wearable-tech/buying-guide/

another comment….

I have a Misfit Shine, and love the available personalization. Different colors, different bands, necklaces, etc. http://misfit.com/products/shine I am using it with My Fitness Pal, and the two communicate. =) I also like that there is no charging. They run on a watch battery, so every 3-4 months you replace the battery. A good feature for me is that it auto tracks sleep. No need to put it into sleep mode. It also notes in sleep area if it is deep sleep, light sleep, or awake. Kind of interesting to see when I’m awake in the night. It also supports activity tagging, so you can tell if the activity you are doing (running, weight lifting, cycling, swimming, etc.). It is waterproof, so I don’t have to take it off to swim or shower. Prior to my Shine, I had several Fitbits…I kept loosing them. They would fall off my clothes during activity. Once they fell off, it was rare that I could find them.

Looking at the UP tracker

I actually have a different fitness tracker – UP by Jawbone.  Thought I’d provide my review of the UP for those looking to purchase a fitness tracker. * The step counts seem pretty accurate if not a little conservative. * It lets me log exercises other than walking but the activities that I have to choose from are somewhat limited and I sometimes have to just log as “other”.  When I log an activity, it asks not only what I was doing and how long but also asks for an intensity level. * It does a pretty good job of tracking sleep and lets me know when I am in a heavy sleep versus light sleep based on how much I am moving around at night.  It’s supposed to track how often I wake up, but I find that only works if I do something like get up to go to the bathroom or sit all the way up to move the cat off the bed. * There is a function for logging food, but I use MyFitnessPal to log my food.  I can link the UP app and the MyFitnessPal app so that my steps/activity are imported into MyFitnessPaul. * I can set an idle alert so that it buzzes at me if I’m sitting idle for too long which is good with a desk job. * There is a button that you push to put it into sleep mode and awake mode.  After I’d been using UP for about 9 months, the button stopped working and now I have to use the app on the phone to change from sleep mode to awake mode.  A bit of a pain but it works. * There is an option to set a Smart Alarm which is supposed to gently wake you up by vibrating when you are in a light sleep mode.  But since the button that broke is how you turn the alarm off, I can’t use that anymore.  * That’s about it. UP is priced similarly to Fitbit, but I bought the UP because I liked the sleep tracking features better and I liked the option for the idle alert.  It’s lasted almost a year now but I expect that I’ll be looking to replace soon. Note:  I bought my daughter a NuBand fitness tracker last Christmas.  It was about half the price but I wouldn’t recommend it.  She’s had issues with it periodically – like one night it logged 16,000 steps for her while she was asleep.

and from a member of our team….

Look, I love my FitBit!   It’s hard to believe this rubber wristband is motivating me to exercise.  The tracking is amazing!  You can add friends and follow their activity as well.  My plan is to run/walk today in order to beat out my friends as the most active person this week. I welcome all challengers! 🙂

This could be the year of  HEALTHY TEAM workouts.