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Food Business School – Lectures & Conversations


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Kristin Richmond is a co-founder and the CEO of Revolution Foods. Join us on January 11th for a conversation on the revolution afoot in healthy meals for kids and families, and how Revolution Foods has built the leading food business platform for this in the US. Wednesday, January 11 @ 5pm PST Sign up


Love Food? Learn More at FBS

The Food Business School has many Luminaries in the food business, passionate people that love food, grow food, distribute food.  There are many seminars, calls, and classes available.

FBS Seminars

Course Offerings

Eat.Think.Design, Online, September 12 – October 14

Mission-Driven: Developing A Values-Based Food Brand, Online, September 12 – October 14

Essentials of Nutrition & Sustainability for Food Innovators, Online, October 3 – November 4

Tech, Trends, & Policies Transforming the Food System, Online, October 3 – November 4

Building Supply Chains for a Sustainable Future, Online, October 3 – November 4

Food Venture Formation & Financing, Online, October 3 – November 4

Click here to learn more about online courses and register early for special pricing!

Class Listing:    reThink Food this November

reThink Food, a collaboration between The Culinary Institute of America and MIT Media Lab, brings together thought leaders and innovators. FBS Dean Will Rosenzweig joins the conversation on Friday, November 4 during a CEO RoundTable on “Keeping Up with the Pace of Food Innovation: Innovator’s Dilemma“. The conference will be held on November 4-6 at the CIA’s Greystone campus in St. Helena, CA. Register today.

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Food – Thinking out Loud

We have learned about Slow Food and Food Hacks are exploring alternatives in thinking / food / distribution / next steps. There are many new Schools that will help you learn, TV shows and a wealth of Farmer’s Markets.  Here are a few favorites about food:

Food Hacks

Food Business School and the War on Big Food article (watch the video), FoodTank thinking about food

Quote: “Major packaged-food companies lost $4 billion in market share alone last year, as shoppers swerved to fresh and organic alternatives.”

Small batches, made with pride, local favorites…. like this pickle-loving business.

Go Green, a small change makes a big difference

Grow yer Own, garden stores, How To Books, community gardens, New magazines to enjoy, collectives and gardening events just like these!

Superfoods — there are long lists now….. coconut oil and recipes, 101Cookbooks.com has so many more great recipes from amaranth to kale to sweet potatoes and more.

Look in the search bar of GREENEROO there are 1000 articles for you to enjoy.

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Stay in touch with the Food Business School!

So far, so good with the Food Business School! The  first classes are starting soon and this amazing new school is trying to get the word out to foodies and chefs alike. That would be everyone, right!?

If you subscribe to the FBS newsletter, you probably saw that the Concept to Shelf course with Neil Grimmer and Will Rosenzweig has been moved to the SF Ferry Building, which I think will be loads of fun.

Just in case you didn’t catch that, take a look at the FBS site/ newsletter. Subscribing to that is probably the best way to stay on top of all the great (and tasty) events and developments.

Information on the FOOD HACK in SF last spring, ah what a night! …or weekend for some!

           Grimmer and Rosenzweig

The Food Business School

NOW! At the SF Ferry Building

The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone
2555 Main St.

St. Helena, CA 94574