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FABMO – a great choice for Fabric

Fabric and clothing make up a large amount of the filling in the local dumps throughout the US and this is true in the SF Bay Area. People throw out clothes, fabric and other items like yarn, buttons and thread in enormous quantities. It’s a shame because it could be diverted into useful items. I really enjoy this store, with volunteers running the show and bundles, bolts and baskets of beautiful fabric, it is a fun way to take a dream project into reality.

How did FABMO commit to making a difference in fabric dumping? Here are some commments from an article in the Mountain View Voice, Sept 24, “”Saving the Fabric of Society”: 

The idea to organize, expand and create a nonprofit around FabMo happened almost without trying, Welstein recalled. As their collections grew, someone had the idea to accept cash donations, then someone had to the idea to launch a website, and so on, she said. One regular FabMo customer asked if something similar could work in Santa Cruz, and now they hold multiple giveaways in that coastal city each year. They’ve also trucked out supplies to give away in Vallejo and the Sacramento area.

“We just grew little by little, and it just continues to be organic,” Welstein said. “That feeling of not wanting to throw away good stuff, I think more and more people are feeling that way in the world.”

The FabMo philosophy — take only what you need, don’t waste anything — might seem old fashioned, yet it was ahead of the curve for the larger do-it-yourself movement that has taken root in the Bay Area.

FabMo is open for three consecutive days each month for its free drop-in giveaway days at its main showroom at 970 Terra Bella Ave. More information can be found at its website.

Next month, FabMo will be organizing its Textile Art Boutique, the group’s largest annual event. This event exhibits dozens of different artists’ works that were designed using recycled materials. It is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 28 at the Palo Alto Elks Lodge at 4249 El Camino Real in Palo Alto.

Need a great place to volunteer? Fabmo volunteers love what they do!

FabMo Fabric Warehouse

This place is quite amazing, and different every time!
FabMo is an all-volunteer, donor supported organization that diverts beautiful designer materials (currently 70-75 tons) from their otherwise destination, the landfill, and makes them available to us…. at a great price. Great for quilters and small projects, there is so much selection. There are also larger bolts of fabric and other related stuff.

Get Involved. You can volunteer with a great group of artists, quilters, decorators – all committed to keeping FABMO going and serving the community!

Get on the email list.You’ll get an invitation, to come browse!


FabMo location:  2423 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View, CA 94043, Suites C & F, immediately behind Bajis’ Down the Street Cafe.    Map here.

Wondering what you could do with a fabric sample, try placemats or make your own YOGA Mat Holder – to your demanding standards! LOL