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Origami Whales: A Gentle Way to Teach Conservation

Thanks TED Talks for this lovely broadcast!  Watch the video, link below

Allow things to unfold and you will find your Purpose in Life. | Peggy Oki | TEDxQueenstown   (time 16.34)

Image result for Origami WhalesThis insightful artist folds paper whales using origami and thousands of volunteers to fold the whales & dophins and give a clear call to action and visual reference point.  Children, Adults, Students, Seniors – all join in and FOLD then STITCH these whales into curtains to be displayed in galleries, schools, civic centers.

HINT: There are YouTubes and Pinterest on origami

Peggy Oki leads with passion. She gives advice to a beginning environmental activist: “Follow your heart with vision and actions, create your fold and you will find your porpoise in life.”


Published on Apr 28, 2016

With an appreciation of flow and motion Peggy’s life has been always been driven by passion. From surfing and skateboarding to the intimate appreciation what she calls the ‘Cetacean Nation’. Discovering the transformative force of participation artwork through her Origami Whales project was the first step to realising that passion could be harnessed, amplified and ultimately inspire for a deeper purpose.

Surfer, Skateboarder, Artist and Activist.
Once the only female member of the famous Zephyr Skateboard team from documentary ‘Dogtown and Z-Boys’: Peggy’s love of the outdoors inspires her to travel worldwide in search of good surf. In 2004, she founded the Origami Whales Project to raise awareness about commercial whaling. She has also developed the Whales and Dolphins Ambassador Program and led campaigns such as ‘Let’s Face It’, which petitions to save New Zealand’s critically endangered Maui’s dolphins and Hector’s dolphins.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


Changes to our Weather

Geo-Engineering, Hoax, Fad, Conspiracy or culmination of eco-disasters?  Watch the youTube and decide for yourself. 

Since the USA is still arguing about climate change, and it is over 80 degrees in my SF home, and not a drop of rain for a month…. I do wonder, what is going on, and how many environmental changes are dove-tailing together to create the problems and changes we see now.  The discussion has so many points and charts and connects the dots in ways that are unusual and more holistic than most. Since I do believe EVERYTHING is connected to everything else…. I’d encourage learning more about:

  • honey bees and hive collapse
  • drought and freak snow storms
  • dramatic increases in asthma in children
  • targeted rain, cloud seeding, weather pattern disruption
  • flooding, dramatic and deadly weather
  • algae blooms
  • acidic oceans, crustacean death
  • die off in plankton, fish death
  • warming oceans
  • species extinction

ALL RELATED? or not?

From the film-maker: Dane Wigington presents hard data which reveals what these catastrophic programs have done to our planet to date and what they will do if they are allowed to continue. Please take the time to watch this video, follow up with some investigation of your own on our site —http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org, and share this information far and wide.