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Marty Essen – new book

Marty has done it again, but instead of inspiring us to love our environment and protect ecosystems- this book is a fictional departure! Time is Irreverent — it combines all the things you tremble over, global warming, nuclear bombs, and travel writers! How can these go together, you ask?  Read on!

Just when we need a good laugh. So put the air-purifier ON, and enjoy! Marty has poked fun at the current state of affairs, the total disarray of a solid science-based view between our movie stars, government, the public, teachers and just about everything! It is a light-hearted book and wittily will help you draw conclusions while having a belly-life.  Just what we need.

You can return to one of his many books on the environment- I’d Recommend Cool Creatures, Hot Planet or  Endangered Edens.  OK the. are not full of laughs, but the pictures and words are so compelling.  (see the list below.)

Some of Marty’s notable achievements are:

Author of Time Is Irreverent
Amazon #1 Best Seller in Political Humor, Parodies, and LGBT Science Fiction
Amazon Canada #1 Best Seller in Comedy, Humour, Political Humour, LGBT Science Fiction, Alternative History, and Time Travel
Author of Endangered Edens
Amazon #1 Best Seller in Ecotourism, Travel, Caribbean Travel, and Puerto Rico
Winner: Readers’ Favorite Book Award—Environment
Winner: National Indie Excellence Book Award—Nature
Silver: Nautilus Award—Animals & Nature
Silver: Nautilus Award—Middle Grades Nonfiction
Author of Cool Creatures, Hot Planet
Amazon #1 Best Seller in Wildlife
Winner: Benjamin Franklin Award—Travel/Essay
Winner: Green Book Festival Award—Animals
Winner: National Indie Excellence Book Award—Travel/Essay
Winner: USA Best Books Award—Travel/Essay
Bronze: ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award—Travel/Essay
Bronze: IPPY Award—Travel/Essay
Minneapolis Star-Tribune Top-10 “Green” Book
APCA’s #1 Booked College Speaker for 50 total months

Endangered Edens – New Great Book

Marty Essen has created a beautiful new book, packed with more than 180 glorious color pictures, entertaining stories and great educational materials. This book is a follow-up  to Marty’s award winning book, Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents.

You’ll want to visit the glorious places he describes, and better yet, you’ll understand the value of conserving these global treasures.

This is a great book for so many reasons. It is full of detailed, close-ups and real-life “here we are” pictures. The stories are interesting, curious and fun loving. The issues are real, we are tearing apart this beautiful planet in many ways, but it is still stunningly glorious. I don’t feel hopeless, I feel inspired and I have a new understanding. I may never get to actually see some of these animals, but I feel closer to Mangrove Tree Crabs and have a more complete understanding of the Alaskan pipeline because this book really guided me.  Thanks Marty, you’ve done a great job!

Marty took his love of exploration and wrote stories on the Amazon River that were so well received he continued with a story on Australia. His travels continued, and lucky for us, he continued writing, describing, and capturing what he saw through stunning photography. You may not be able to take the journeys Marty did but these books are an armchair travelers best friend.

His sense of our world, it’s delicate balance and the passion for nature make this newest book thrilling to read, learn from and contemplate.


His experience as a teacher and speaker are combined in a travelogue style with entertaining stories and some humorous adventures. Not all the events were so humorous, being bitten by a poisonous snake, stung by a venomous insect, surrounded by wolves and attacked by a hippo are described in his Cool Creatures, Hot Planet book.  This may not be so surprising, because we have been told his first “pet” was a black widow spider. There are some animals I don’t want as friends, but I am grateful that Marty has such a kind heart.

In his latest book, Endangered Edens, he has claimed Amazon #1 rated in five categories and also won the National Indie Excellence Award in Nature.

About Marty:

Marty Essen’s newest book is published by Encante Press, LLC, and distributed by Small Press United. His website is http://martyessen.com/