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Pepcom – Coming to SF today!

For Analysts and Press – this is always a great time to learn more about several newsworthy companies and their mobile / energy / security devices.

  •  BlackBerry will be showcasing PRIV, its latest smartphone, powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, among other well-known portfolio favorites. Cedar Electronics Escort, Inc., Cobra Electronics, and WASPcam, held by Cedar Electronics, are showcasing their most advanced radar detection systems, dual channel Drive HD™ Dash Cams and the latest ultra-compact Cobra JumPack™ XL portable power solutions as well as the newly acquired WASPcam™ and Adventure HD™ action and sport camera systems.
  • EchoStar® will be showing SAGE™ by Hughes™, a fully integrated, self-monitored security and home automation solution.
  • Energous  will be showing the Miniature WattUp® transmitter, the only pocketable wire-free charging solution for wearables and IoT devices.
  • Kingston Technology  will display its latest range of gaming, mobile, and high-density, high-speed memory cards to ensure you get into the action and keep going wherever you are.
  • KODAK PIXPRO  Digital Cameras and Devices will be showing its latest cutting-edge 360° camera, the SP360 4K VR Camera, designed to take your creative vision and passions for 360° interactive video to the next level.
  • Lenovo is excited to be showing off all of our most current consumer and enterprise products, stop by and check us out. Metromile Metromile, an innovative pay-per-mile car insurance provider, will be showing its newly re-designed Metromile app including features like car location, street sweeping alerts, billing and car health. Moshi will be presenting accessories for the discerning business professional, including Avanti, the company’s flagship on-ear headphones, and its IonBank portable battery series.

and more….

Build, Do, Learn, Try it OUT!

Noisebridge Does Classes!

They do all sorts of events and lessons, from lock-picking to programming circuits, and web development.
There are less techy gatherings, like: “Learn & create calligraphy, lettering, fonts, handwriting, and all things letters.”

You can Build Cool Things with Electronics

No, this is not a boring long class in C++.  Nightbridge is a fun open space welcome to anyone interested in the creative uses of technology, Circuit hacking night.  Pick a kit (fees will apply): LED cube, Atari Punk Console, Hello My Name Is Badge in lights, and many many more.
Noisebridge will provide all of the tools and instruction. Make a present for the sweet nerd in your life, or create something new that you can show off to your friends. Best of all, have fun learning something new, while hanging with your nerdy, I mean uber cool E&A friends (I’ll be first in the nerd line!). We can head out for a drink and some food nearby and share our creations.
Bring cash for your kits ($10-50) and note that Noisebridge is a non-profit that survives completely on donations.  While Circuit Hacking Night is free donations are welcome and accepted.

e-Stewards Enterprises

Your company can join e-Stewards® Enterprises! It shows that you believe in recycling responsibility, ensuring that electronics and components are recycled in a responsible way, from the manufacturing process to decommissioning and the steps in between.

Sustainability diagram

What is e-Stewards Enterprises, exactly? Well it’s a group of companies and institutions committed to using e-Stewards Recyclers that meet the world’s highest standards for responsible recycling. These standards were created by the Basel Action Network (BAN), along with leading electronics recyclers, certification industry experts, and occupational, health, and safety specialists.

By becoming an e-Stewards Enterprise and using e-Stewards® Recyclers, a company knows that old computers and other electronics aren’t going to be disposed of in a way that harms people or the environment, and that, whenever possible, electronic components will be recycled and reused.

Here is the roster for the new e-Stewards Leadership Council (representatives from, e-waste collectors, recyclers, electronics mfg, corporations and regulatory groups) :

  • Capstone Wireless (TX)
  • CloudBlue (OH)
  • Electronic Recyclers International (CA)
  • Surplus Exchange (MO)
  • WeRecycle! (NY)
  • Philips Services Corp
  • Samsung
  • Wells Fargo
  • Natural Resources Defense Council
  • two government representatives will round out the Council

You have seen the burning or dumping of electronics into streams, landfill and empty lots. Recovery of the precious metals and disposal of the toxins in these items is essential. Lead exposure is one of the many consequences when electronics are not properly disposed of. e-Stewardship addresses this problem and provides standards of recycling, waste reduction and environmental safety.