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The Toxin-Free Home


A great new comprehensive book about keeping your home SQUEAKY clean without harmful chemicals. But it doesn’t stop there, it gives detailed, thoughtful suggestions on the garden, health care, outdoor pests and more. The Toxin-Free Home – A guide to Maintaining a Clean, Eco-Friendly, and Healthy Home is written by Alison Haynes.

It is a great resource, well laid out and really interesting! There are some recipes that sound so wonderful that I’ll try them ASAP. This one for sure: Making an organic facial mask for oily skin using ingredients from your fridge… Great to learn this!! — the editor

What do you want to know about? It’s all here:

  • Using lavender oil as a natural mosquito repellent
  • Cleaning and shining patent leather with petroleum jelly
  • Removing read wine stains with white wine and rubbing alcohol (love this!)
  • Recycling soap scraps into a whole new cleaner.
  • Simple methods AND also natural, eco-friendly replacements for store-bought chemical-filled cleaners.

You’ll love this book… no extraneous stuff, no filler, just good suggestions that are easy to implement.

Earth-friendly Pool Maintenance

Contributed by Pool Services Technologies (www.poolservicestech.com) and Weber Pools (www.weberpools.com)

Summer is near and that means it’s time to make sure the backyard pool is in tip-top shape. Pools can be greatwhen it comes to keeping the family cool and happy, but we all know they require maintenance or they’ll quickly become a nightmare to return to safe levels. In addition, many homeowners have concerns when it comes to eco-friendly ways to maintain their pools.

For the eco-conscious pool owner, here are some of our top green tips for pool maintenance:

  • When feasible, use solar covers on pools and spas to cut down on evaporation and chemical use.
  • Shut off waterfalls and other water features when no one is home. This cuts down on evaporation and electric consumption.
  • When possible, run your pool pump at night when energy costs are typically lower.
  • If you’re located in the San Diego or Dallas areas, consider the Puripool Process, a mobile filtration unit and removes the hard water, acids, calcium build up, etc. while rebalancing the good chemicals and conserving nearly 85% of the existing water. (Visit www.poolservicestech.com or www.weberpools.com for more info).

In addition to these eco-friendly tips, it’s imperative that pool owners practice basic pool maintenance. Here are some basic pool care pointers to ensure safe swimming water:

  • Be sure your filter is clean and operating correctly. Clear any toys or leaves that may have accidentally made their way into the skimmer basket, which can also affect flow.
  • Set your pump to operate a minimum of six hours each day so the water turns over regularly.
  • Do a complete test of the water chemistry and correct any deficiencies.

You’d also be wise to hire a reputable pool company to do a thorough inspection of your pool at the start of each summer. Always be sure the following steps are included:

  • Check the pool for leaks. This is of particular importance if you live in an area where drought is a concern.
  • Check all equipment and plumbing for leaks. Minor leaks may seem inconsequential but can have severe effects down the road.
  • Check all filters, pumps, and motors for proper performance.
  • Optimize the levels of chlorine, pH, calcium hardness and conditioner.

Weekly professional servicing of your pool and having an eco-conscious mindset when it comes to pool maintenance will do nothing but make your pool owning experience all the more enjoyable.

More info: Pool Services Technologies (www.poolservicestech.com), based out of San Diego, California, and Weber Pools (www.weberpools.com), based out of Dallas, Texas, both offer the innovative Puripool Process—an ecofriendly water filtration method that helps home owners maintain eco-friendly pools.


Bamboo Kitchen Products – Sustainable, Reusable

3Pc Bamboo tool Set-Lo Res BambooSteamer chopsticksFrom plastic bags and bottles to wasteful paper and more, everyday products are wreaking havoc on our environment and consumers are becoming more & more aware of the destruction this is causing, and are trying to go “greener.” Bamboo, which is actually classified as a fast growing grass (not wood!), does not require any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to grow, which makes it a great option for consumers who want to go green. 100% bio-degradable, eco-friendly, recyclable and also light in weight (it’s edible as well), bamboo is a better option for our environment.

In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), here are  a selection of bamboo products that are perfect for your kitchen to help you stay eco-friendly even when cooking.

The IMUSA Bamboo Steamer is made from eco-friendly material and allows for a healthier way to cook while retaining flavor, vitamins and nutrients. Bamboo steamers are great for cooking vegetables, seafood, dim sum and more. The beautifully woven bottom allows steam to pass through, while the multiple layers allow you to separate and cook a variety of foods at the same time. Available at Macys.com for $30.00

IMUSA’s Bamboo Mortar & Pestle (NEW SPRING 2014 PRODUCT) is an essential tool for traditional cooking and great for crushing fresh herbs and spices. IMUSA’s Bamboo Mortar & Pestle set is natural and eco-friendly, while featuring orange silicone accents for a stylish design, better grip and non-slip bottom to easily grind spices, herbs, garlic and more. Cooking with fresh herbs provides a much healthier and richer flavor when compared to dried herbs. Available in Spring 2014; Target.com for $17.99

IMUSA 3-piece Bamboo Cooking Tools Set is made from eco-friendly bamboo and includes a cooking spoon, spatula and coop to make stir-frying, sautéing, deep frying, steaming and parboiling easier. Available at BedBathandBeyond.com for $5.99

IMUSA Colored Bamboo Chopsticks come in a pack of 12 and are essential for enjoying the perfect Asian-inspired dishes. Add a burst of color to the kitchen table! Available atBedBathandBeyond.com for $5.99

The IMUSA Bamboo Tostonera is ideal for making perfectly pressed Tostones with just the right thickness and shape. Tostones are crispy fried plantains, which are very popular in Hispanic cusiine as a side dish or appetizer. This tostonera easily flattens sliced plantains and prepares them to be fried. Available at Macys.com for $9.99

WearEver cookware

New! The newest eco-friendly, green line, Pure Living!
When it comes to the kitchen…non-stick/Teflon dominates the stovetop thanks to its easy, non-stick features. However, as studies show, many non-stick surfaces emit toxins, especially at high heats! WearEver Pure Living now brings consumers the best of both worlds—toxin-free ceramic non-stick—allowing people to cook conveniently in toxin and chemical-free, recyclable pans.

WearEver Pure Living

Pure Living’s ceramic coating is not only the pure and safe alternative to non-stick—it is also free of PFOA, PTFE and cadmium. Added bonuses—the pans are scratch resistant, stain resistant, dishwasher safe and extremely heat resistant (up to 750 F). Pure Living is sold in red and champagne and in open stock pieces as well as 5pc and 10 pc sets.

Key Benefits:
• PURE: Ceramic coating is a pure and safe alternative to non-stick. Ceramic is recyclable, toxin-free,
chemical-free, and free of PFOA, PTFE and cadmium
• DURABLE: Scratch resistant, stain resistant, and high-temperature resistant; Limited lifetime
• EASY-TO-USE: Ceramic non-stick is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
• PROFESSIONAL: High-heat performance great for professional-level searing and deglazing of foods
• TRUSTED: Since 1903, WearEver has been trusted in providing innovation, premium construction,
contemporary design and value in cookware

WearEver has been a trusted component of our cooking tools since 1903. It’s good to see this wonderful new product!

Forward Thinking Fashion

Italian-based denim line, Nine in the Morning, is creating an exciting stir in the eco-conscious world of fashion. With a long family history in the textiles industry, brothers Umberto and Alessandro Vendramin developed the Natural Collection with one thing in mind: utilizing their resources to create the most beautifully crafted, organic line of denim on the market today. By owning their own factories, the brothers of Nine in the Morning can oversee the entire production process. Each item is made with the highest quality of organic materials at a great price.

The Natural Collection features 100% organic materials from the cotton in the denim and trim, to the recycled coconut used for buttons.  Nine in the Morning’s Natural Collection is washed with vegetable indigo and employs eco-friendly methods to distress the denim. The line is constructed with state-of-the-art design so that fit and form is not compromised. By not having to outsource to other factories, Nine in the Morning is lowering its carbon footprint every step of the way.