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ECO CHIC Fashion Show

Reusing and reinventing clothing has been a big part of the fashion scene. Goodwill encourages this trend with the Eco Chic Fashion Show. This year’s 2010 event will be held on OCTOBER 8 in downtown San Jose. There will be several themes: “little black dress challenge” and a “mayoral design challenge” Contestants will have a budget and pull together an amazing outfit at any local Goodwill Store.

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Goodwill Special Events Director, Susan Lucas, gets a chance to show-off her re-purposed clothing, and inspire us to stop and think before we say…. “We don’t have anything to wear”!

According to the EPA Americans throw away about 70 pounds of clothing a year per person. Clothing and textiles are helping to clog our landfill comprising about 4% of munincipal solid waste.

The Goodwill Green pages are very informative and have several hints, links, and ideas. Carpet Recycling is a great idea you can find on this page.  Here is an excerpt from Susan Lucas’ blog:

From the September 2009 Eco Chic Fashion Show Event: Join us at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

The proceeds will be used to create jobs for the disadvantaged and disabled by providing them with vocational and occupational training. In this economy, Goodwill is one of few companies actually hiring and placing people in new jobs! So consider donating a dress that doesn’t fit, a bag that you’re tired of and shoes that hurt your feet! These will benefit many people and you will be green! Simply fill some bags and drop them at any Goodwill location.

Thanks for writing off your old perception of Goodwill!

For more information contact Susan Lucas at: