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Wonderful Ayurveda Event Saturday April 26


Dr. Rucha is a long time practitioner of Ayurveda and yoga, she has insightful messages to share that will help us de-stress, and learn more about the time-honored techniques of Ayurveda.  ** Contact information, and for more information!

Hiking and Ayurveda

ayurveda spices We have different bodies, and ayurveda medicine acknowledges these differences by suggesting different foods and spices to make each person more comfortable and healthier. This concept can also be used during hiking, by looking at the different attributes of each person constitution.  You can achieve better balance by knowing yourself.

Consider this please:
For Pitta – You may suffer from the heat and should not hike in the direct sun or at midday.
Use the Sitali (cool Breath) yoga technique to feel cooling in the body and stomach.
Drink LOTS of cool water, stay hydrated.
Stay calm.
Protect yourself from the heat, using hats, ventilated shoes, and light shirts.
Rest in the shade.

For Kapha – You may suffer from lethargy or allergies if you are not balanced. Both of which can be common on a long hike, or on a high-pollen day.
Use the Bikram Pranayama breath technique to feel ready to enjoy the hike.
You have great endurance which is lovely while hiking.
Keep a measured pace, there is no rush.
Rather than hurry to keep up and feeling exhausted, just keep hiking at a moderate pace.

For Vata – You may feel impatient while waiting for the hike to begin, however take enough time to stretch and prepare. Relax and focus.
Use the Nadi Shadhana (alternate nostril) pranayama breath technique to enhance your enjoyment of the hike.
You have strength and will start out strong, however, you energy may flag later, if you do not pay attention to what you need.
Stay hydrated with room temperature water.

Thanks to Dr. Rucha Kelkar, BAMS, MPT for assistance in creating this page just for our yoga hikers!  There is so much information that could be included here on hiking and Ayrveda, this is but a small start.  Her contact information is www.ayurbliss.com, info@ayurbliss.com phone: (949)293-2950.