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Dandelion Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie RECIPE!!

Dandelion has graciously offered their recipe for their delicious hearty Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie! You can give these to Dad for Father’s Day, to the Grads in your life on their special day, or for yourself any day of the week!


Add More Veggies to your Meals

There are many ways to add more vegetables to your regular meals. I think more vegetables add more fun, flavor and zest too. Try these methods:

  1. Add veggies with intention, not as a side dish but as an appetizer. you’ll get the added benefit of starting out with a lower-calorie item first when you are hungriest. Veggies and dip, broiled peppers with cream cheese (you can even wrap in bacon), cut into bit sized pieces with humus or salsa rather than chips.
  2. Grate the veggies into slivers and add to you meal, or put in bowls and make available on the table.
  3. Grill ’em! Lots of people don’t like the mushy boiled vegetables from childhood…. but crispy, flavorful GRILLED zucchini, peppers, corn, onions and fennel slices are a wonderful taste treat.
  4. Smoothie – Blend them up with yogurt! Avocado in a fruit smoothie tastes like you have added creamy smooth ice cream. Surprise!
  5. Make your breakfast a Gourmet Meal! Add fruit, strawberries, blue berries, dates, raisins and more. It will look so appetizing.
  6. Order another vegetable – on your pizza or ask for the addition of peppers, parsley, bean sprouts… it all adds nutrients.
  7. Put more veggies on your sandwiches  –  think of them as salads in a bun! Add lettuce, radicchio, dandelion, endive, parsley, sprouts, peppers, avocado, tomatoes, scallions, carrots…. the sky is the limit!
  8. Make a “Sunday” Roast, make minestrone soup….. perfect rainy weather dishes. AND you can make extra and have it for a couple meals. Or share with a friend. Pot Luck? It’s all fun.

health veggies

Try a new vegetable each month. Our first times that we LOVED…. figs, fennel, radicchio, rocket….. and there are new varieties of old favorites. Try a chocolate colored heirloom tomato!  How about one of the many multi-colored squashes, so many varieties.