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CORC Yoga Products – Sustainable & Beautiful











Is your News Year’s resolution to get more healthy and have some fun? Yoga is a perfect addition to any exercise program.  You can relax, rest, recuperate and stretch – yoga also helps me get the healing sleep that I need.

I’ve seen so many yoga products over the years and they all are made from plastics and rubbers that are not healthy or beautiful. The wood blocks, though natural, are noisy and heavy…. but you can Get Inspired! Take a look at the beautiful yoga mats and accessories that are available at http://www.corcyoga.com

These beautiful yoga mats will get your NEW YEAR off to a happy, green start.  They are made in Portugal using cork …. a product that is earth friendly, non-slip, created from natural materials and recyclable. These beautiful mats and bags are hypoallergenic, and durable too.

You know that a regular mat is made of PVCs and chemicals — the enduring smelliness tells you that …. and they get slippery and more smelly when wet… besides all that they are hard to clean.

Start with a great material – use Cork products by CorcYoga. They make mats, blocks, bags, backpacks and accessories. Get Bendy and relaxed with an awesome mat. I love mine.


Pelcor Cork Accessories Serves Up Berries & Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

I was expecting food, when I first heard about Berries and Chocolate! Take another look! These look so luscious.

A unique, chic (and longer-lasting) alternative to traditional Valentine’s Day chocolates and berries, Pelcor, Portugal’s premier cork accessories brand, has an array of deep berry and dark chocolate-hued cork skin handbags and accessories that make a perfect gift for the woman who deserves it all.

Offering fashionable, practical and sustainable styles for everyday life, the office and travel, Pelcor uses the highest-quality cork skin craftsmanship in its remarkable range. The entire collection can be viewed and purchased at PelcorUSA.com.