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Cork – fashion and the environment

For those who love for both fashion and the environment, Pelcor, Portugal’s premiere brand of eco-chic cork accessories, introduces a new collection of vegan plaid totes, clutches and pouches for Fall 2014. Putting the finishing touch on any ensemble, the striking combination of colorful plaid fabric, cork skin and vegan leather details, make Pelcor’s styles a stand-out among the crowd for school, work, travel or leisure.

Pelcor cork plaid 2

This new plaid collection is all at once, happy, summer-time, fun … and … hardworking strong cork bags. — the editor

Pelcor’s Fall/Winter 2014 look book can be viewed
here, and the entire collection is available for purchase online at www.PelcorUSA.com.



Pelcor Gets Patriotic for Independence Day

Independence Day is the perfect time to debut a new summer bag in colors that evoke the patriotism in everyone. Whether attending a BBQ, pool party, or hitting the beach this Independence Day, Pelcor, Portugal’s premier cork accessories brand has an array of handbags to make it a festive, fashionable, and eco-friendly Fourth.

Pelcor bags are beautiful, made of renewable cork, they have a wonderful finish, softness,and also very durable. Also, check out Cool Cork facts, I’ll bet you didn’t know this about cork!— the editor


Iris Handbag $400                                                             Lily Clutch $220

(Pictured in Multi-Berry)                                                    (Pictured in Multi-Berry)


Astor Tote $388

(Pictured in Multi-Berry and Deep Blue)


Pelcor uses the highest-quality cork in making its range of handbags and accessories for work, travel and leisure pursuits. The complete collection can purchased online at PelcorUSA.com.

Cool Cork Facts

Cool Cork Facts – cork is so versatile. You may know it as a bottle stopper, you’ll see it in flexible sidewalk material, playground mats and more beautiful as accessories – like these beautiful bags by Pelcor – I know about these- check them out… long lasting and great looking. Read below to learn more.

PelcorUSA.com brings us some more information on CORK.

Beautiful and Hardworking – Cork Fashion

There are so many beautiful Pelcor cork accessories to choose from, in so many colors — You’ll be stunned. They are fashionable and unusual and practical, THAT is a rare combination in a purse, clutch, backpack or wallet. The cork comes in many colors, natural, chocolate, berry and more. The feel is wonderful, flexible and strong. It has a luxurious texture and it is strong. Just what we need in our busy lives! I love the natural cork wallet.

Take a look:

NECESSAIRE #2CITY BACKPACKFOLD WALLETAnd don’t forget the umbrellas. These bags and purses are beautiful — out in California — we are praying for rain, so when the rain comes, you’ll want to be ready.  The umbrella:TALL UMBRELLA B

More about the history of Pelcor:  This company began 30 years ago with a cork factory in São Brás de Alportel in Portugal, in the heart of the country’s cork industry.That factory, to this day, makes champagne corks for many of the finest vintners in France and Spain. It has been the life’s work of three generations of Correias, the latest being Sandra Correia, granddaughter of the founder.

In 2003, Ms. Correia challenged her father with the idea of making cork more “feminine” and, in fact, fashionable. She envisioned creating accessories out of cork skin as a way to help sustain the cork industry and innovate products that are both stylish and practical.

Her vision was realized with the first accessory she made: a cork umbrella. It was so exuberantly received at an international trade show that it launched her new brand, Pelcor. The brand’s name is taken from the Portuguese words for skin (pel) and cork (cor). Pelcor® offered a range of innovative fashion accessories, and products for the home and office, marrying compelling designs with creativity. It developed partnerships with a number of designers and companies including ModaLisboa | LisboaFashionWeek to develop limited edition accessories as well, among them the Love Bag (2011), Freedom Bag (2012) and Trust Bag (2013.)

Bottle & Cork at La Nebbia

Recycle your wine Bottles the fun way!! On November 6 (additional dates follow)  La Nebbia Winery will be filling your bottles, any size, any label and they will cork them!

Update: THE NEW 2011 CALENDAR IS OUT. I just went to this event on Sept 18 – I had so much fun. Met some really nice people so even standing in line to fill up was fun. You’ll get a glass of wine, to try out what you are bottling. The “wine steward” is in the bottling area and will give you a filled glass. Grab one or two, one for your neighbor wating in line, and go back to your spot. The line moves pretty quickly, but your are chatting with your neighbors in line, so the time flies by.

HINTS: save your bottles, but if you don’t get enough, ask a restaurant if they can give you some empties! They are usually glad to do it, less recycling for them.

TO CLEAN bottles: put them in a bin of water, fill each bottle half full with water to “‘hold them down”. Leave a cork in the bottle so stuff doesn’t fly into them, you can take corks out at bottling time. Dump in a box of Baking Soda, let them soak for a week and the old label slides off. Voila clean bottle!

I’ll do it again next time,  the wine was great, easy parking (there is a big dirt lot), and they filled the bottles/corked while we watched.
The price? For a Standard 750 ml bottle, its just $4.95.
If you are planning a special event you can bring in your custom labels and they will put them on your bottle. How fun is that?  My labels said, “Jackie’s Joy Juice” – they were fun to design.

If you can’t be there on a bottling day, you don’t have to miss all the fun, you can drop off  your bottles prior to the event, or call 650-726-9463 to place an order. There were cases of empty clean bottles with names on them, awaiting filling. So even people that couldn’t make this event will have their own bottles.

Bottling Day Schedule for 2010 (occurs every month or so):

  • September 18 – Red Wine
  • November 6 Red Wine
  • November 13 White Wine
  • December 11 Red Wine
  • April 9 White Wine
  • April 16 Red Wine
  • Check the schedule at La Nebbia for more dates and wine type

Contact information:

La Nebbia Winery

12341 HWY 92

Half Moon Bay, CA  94019

Just before you reach the town of Half Moon Bay, going west it is a Left turn. If you are heading away from the beach, it is a Right turn.  Parking is easy, in front of the winery. Make sure to try the Port in chocolate cups, nothing ends a hard work day bottling like that!

Make sure to visit the Half Moon Bay Art Glass around the corner. They are making up a batch of Pumpkins, jelly fish and hearts to celebrate the season. They also give lessons, if you have ever wanted to try glass blowing. Please have you lesson BEFORE the wine tasting, ok?

HMB Glass Contact info:

1234-1 San Mateo Rd. (Highway 92), HMB 94019

Phone: 650-283-5626    Open weekends, Friday through Monday 10-5pm