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Nextdoor helps you Share with your Neighbors

Wouldn’t it be nice to …..  Share with your Neighbors ??

Nextdoor  helps us find ways that neighbors can come together to conserve resources. For example, neighbors use Nextdoor to sell and give away items, share goods like yard equipment, and work together to save and make money. 

  • Reduce and reuse: 64% of Americans would be more likely to buy/sell an item if the buyer/seller lived close to their home.
  • Top 10 things people are willing to share with neighbors: food (78%), tools (71%), yard equipment (64%), a bike (36%), clothing (26%), shelter (26%), electronics (24%), kid toys (24%), childcare/babysitters (24%), a vehicle (15%).
  • Garage sales: 52% of Americans would be more likely to host a garage sale in spring if they had an easy way to get the word out to their neighbors.
  • Ride-share: 51% of Americans would engage in carpools with neighbors if they had an easy way to coordinate.
  • Save money: 50% of Americans would work together with their neighbors to save money (e.g., group discounts on home services, split child care costs, shared meals) if they had a way to coordinate it.
About Nextdoor: Nextdoor is the free and private social network for neighborhoods. On Nextdoor, neighbors create private websites for their neighborhoods where they can ask questions, get to know one another, and exchange local advice and recommendations.
Over 30,000 neighborhoods across the country (1 in 5) are using Nextdoor to

– Organize neighborhood events, such as garage sales and block parties
– Sell or give away items, such as gently used furniture or home appliances 
– Find trustworthy local resources, such home improvement professionals or vendors
– Get assistance in finding lost pets and missing packages
– Report suspicious activity and local crime

Nextdoor’s mission is to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods.  Nextdoor believes that when neighbors start talking, good things happen.

Relevant Trends

– Sharing with neighbors as a way to live a more eco friendly lifestyle
– Furniture, home items are the most sold item on Nextdoor
– Nextdoor helps facilitate lost summer traditions (playing outside, neighborhood parties, etc.)
– For more information please visit our newsroom HERE.

Eco SF: School Farm Volunteering

Green Thumbs and Important Causes
Get Active!  Try out a weekend work party with ECO SF, which means gardening, ground work, and anything green thumb.  Of course it’s all for an important cause.  ECO SF has a mission to cooperatively create communities that are ecologically, socially, and culturally in balance. By developing new communities together, they help education, inform, and strengthen our culture and community. Come out and participate with an important group! We can be working on
  • Mondays and Wednesdays from 12:30-5:30 on school days
  • Every second Saturday of the month 12-4pm for the weekend work party
All skill levels and abilities are welcome, even those for moral support! They will provide some water and maybe a snack, as well as work gloves, but it’s a good idea to bring some of each on your own. After we are tired and finished we can grab a bite and relax after a rewarding day.
LOCATION:  Academy of Arts and Sciences and the School for the Arts which is at 555 Portola Ave., SF.
Enter the gate on O’Shaughnessy Blvd just before it crosses Portola. Close to the 36, 44, 48, and 52 Muni Bus lines. From the parking area at the top, proceed on foot to the right, down the hill towards the athletic field. Limited parking is available down by the loading dock, but please do not park on the grass. The farm is behind the east bleachers across the field.

Open Heart Yoga — ALL DAY YOGA Sat. Sept 7

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Get your Early Bird tickets!  
Online sales close Thursday, 9/5 at 8pm.  
After that you can still register at the door for $10 more than online prices.
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Fabulous yoga workshops, lectures, free events, 
shopping, food, live music, and more! 
Lululemon trunk show, Que SeRAW SeRAW, 
jewelry, clothing, essential oils and more!
All levels, and ages welcome!  
Register and get more details here:
About Open Heart Yoga: 
Open Heart Yoga started just two years ago on the College of San Mateo campus. This non-profit group saw a need to make yoga more accessible and fun. As the newly certified yogis from CSM wanted to work in their community, Open Heart gave free classes to welcome new students.  This group continued to support students with the “No Stress Finals” yoga programs, Acro-Yoga, Gratitude Yoga Classes in the parks, and brought some of the big names in yoga to the college campus. Open Heart continues to offer quality instructional classes to yoga professionals, bringing new information and the best practices to the community. Like us on FaceBook: Open Heart Yogis.

Citizen Journalist Academy

Looking to get involved in your community? Palo Alto has a great method to turn community activists into “reporters on the street”!

Palo Alto Online is looking for residents interested in joining our team in covering community issues and events on video. We’ve partnered with the Media Center and are offering a four-week Citizen Journalist Academy to teach video production and reporting skills, after which participants would be ready to produce videos for community access television and Palo Alto Online. Those interested in applying to participate in the June academy should send an email containing a brief description of interest and background to editor@paweekly.com. Follow the link below for more information.

More information about the Citizen Journalist Academy

Palo Alto Online is expanding its number of online community bloggers. Those who have a passion or expertise, or are just an opinionated resident with thoughts to share about life in Palo Alto, are welcome to apply to become a blogger on Palo Alto Online. Writers selected as featured bloggers will receive a monthly payment, will be promoted on Palo Alto Online and in the Palo Alto Weekly and are expected to make regular postings at least once a week. Non-paid bloggers may become featured bloggers by generating a high number of page views and comments on their blog. For more information, email editor@paweekly.com or call Tyler Hanley, online editor, at 650-326-8210.

More information on Community Bloggers

CoHousing and the Bus Tour

Update: here is the link for a great green housing post, that I think you’d like: http://agreenliving.net/green-communities-on-the-rise/#comment-1996


CoHousing is growing, and they have come up with a great idea. Would you like to see CoHousing “in action” but don’t want to drive all over? There is now a bus tour, were you can go in a group and check out several of the amazing residential communities. Each one is different — this is not a “one size fits all” idea. The communities are based on common goals and philosophies and the base their goals on inclusion and integration. It is a fascinating concept and if you have ever lived in a “nameless and faceless” anonymous condo complex you would really enjoy this startling difference. Community, that is what it is all about.  This concept is expanding there are CoHousing communities all over, in Oakland, Portland, Davis, Grass Valley to name just a few areas.

So check out the web site on CoHousing and give Neil Planchon a call at 510-465-7241 (or email tours@cohousing.org) to learn more about the tour or visiting a local association.

There are many other ways to experience cohousing, besides the tours, there are homes available for rent and there is a 2010 National Cohousing Conference in Boulder, CO.  Check the site for more information.