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Creek Watch App on iPhone Helps Out

trash creekHundreds of creeks are in trouble, and who knows better than us, the people that love being near the water and the people that walk along our creeks. South Bay Coyote Creek, Saratoga Creek, and the Guadalupe River are in the top ten of trash-impaired waterways in the South Bay. In Santa Clara county alone, there are 800 miles of creeks, many are part of recreation areas. When trash collects in the creeks if affects all of us, our water quality, fish and aquatic life and the ocean.

Monitoring is a key in clean up and prioritizing which hot spot gets help first. Now we can help, an innovative IBM researcher, Christine Robson has made an app for the iPhone. You send water level, flow rate and picture using the CREEK WATCH app and it helps the scientists monitor our waterways. The iPhone app is in beta test now and being reviewed by Apple to go live soon. Take a look at this link from from abc7news.com:   “Scientists use iPhone app to collect creek data”

Jobs at the Clean Up Site – Oil Spill

Temporary Summer Jobs for Oil Spill Clean-up

        Please note the following announcement from Shamrock Environmental
        Corporation.  Read carefully and respond as instructed.
      Shamrock Environmental Corporation has been contracted to provide support
      personnel to assist with the oil spill clean-up throughout the Gulf Coast.

      Areas where work may be performed are Louisiana , Mississippi ,  Alabama and Florida .  All workers will require OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operator Training (WE WILL PROVIDE).  Successful completion of a physical and drug screen are also required.  Each applicant must be 18 years of age or older.  The hours will vary but expect LOTS of overtime.
        RATE OF PAY:  $13.00/hr. straight time
       $19.50/hr. overtime (after 40 hours/week)
       PER DIEM:  $26.00/day for meals
     LODGING:   Provided
        Work may include, but is not limited to manual labor associated with removing
        crude oil from impacted beaches, rocks, boom, or any other items that have
        come in contact with the oil.  Technicians may be required to operate
        pressure washers, mops, rakes, shovels or a variety of other hand tools or
        small pieces of equipment while wearing proper protective gear.  Work
        environment may include working on or near water, in marshland, beach and
        estuary locations in hot and humid conditions day or night.
Work is available IMMEDIATELY for safety conscious workers.  Transportation to the Gulf Coast will be provided.  The HR Group has been contracted to conduct  this recruitment. *Applications MUST be completed at:  http://www.shamrockenviro.com/docs/ShamrockEmpApp.pdf

Send resume to: recruiter@shamrockenviro.com