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Rooftop Gardens – Such a Fresh Way to Eat


Rooftop gardens are all over the SF Bay Area! We aren’t the only area…. you can find them all over, even in New York City. These min-farms provide a great access to fresh eggs and produce. They are fun too, and what better way to learn how things grow!

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  • Check out Brooklyn’s Eagle Street Rooftop Farm
  • Designs are becoming more innovative to protect the animals (chickens and rabbits) and provide a maximum growing area. Some gardens are almost entirely VERTICAL, imagine waterfalls of tomatoes…. cascading from a large pot higher above.
  • Some gardens are in tall buildings (very popular in denser areas or unstable climates) and this method provides a controlled climate and nutrients.
  • Nursery Seedlings and special varieties can help in the growing and yield process.

Check your community – there are often clubs and Facebook sites to help you get started and share advice!

YELP! has even helped out with a collection of gardens in the posts: The BEST ROOFTOP GARDENS IN SF  Small IS Beautiful!

There are also many events that are FARM TO TABLE if you’d like to get away to a B&B and see the large farms in action!


  The beautiful view from Libertyview Farm, a Hudson Valley Farm Wedding venue

Why buy it when you can grow it yourself?

Easy tips and tricks for making and growing your favorite food and kitchen products, right in your own home. 

Back to basics is the name of the game in TakePart’s Home Grown Kitchen Series which launched today and is the ultimate guide to getting a sustainable kitchen up, running and fabulous. Want to help change our food system and the way you eat for the better? TakePart is providing the DIY Nitty Gritty on 6 areas that anyone can easily make changes in their personal life, including:

  • Canning & Preserving
  • Green Cleaning Supplies
  • Kitchen Gardening
  • Heirloom Seeds & Produce
  • Composting and even raising Backyard Chickens!

TakePart has gone to the experts and learned that the solutions are actually very simple! They’re the kinds of things our grandparents and great grandparents parents used to do.

Highlights include:

  • “Saving the Season’s” Kevin West who says “home canning is just home cooking by another name” and shows us how easy it is to savor the fruits of summer year-round. West says, “If you have the kitchen skill to make cookies from scratch, or the patience to simmer a pot of tomato sauce for pasta…, then you have everything you need to make a batch of jam, pickles, or relish.”
  • Dianne Ott Whealy, founder of Seed Savers Exchange which she started to share her Grandpa’s Morning Glories and German Pink tomatoes talks heirloom varieties and what the big whoop is, especially given the current Heirloom Hysteria, a condition seen today in grocery aisles and on restaurant menus everywhere.
  • 5 Simple Make-Your-Own Green Cleaners—You don’t need chemicals to keep your kitchen sparkling!
  • 10 Essential Beginners’ Tips for Raising Backyard Chickens from Robert Litt who wrote the book on it and says “Raising backyard chickens is one of the easiest ways to enjoy a healthy source of protein while eating more sustainably and cutting down your carbon footprint.”
  • And tips for making homemade jams from Los Angeles Restaurateur Jessica Koslow—something she knows a thing or two about since she launched her career with signature flavors like kumquat-rhubarb and strawberry-rose geranium.

You will want to read more, here is the FULL FEATURE: http://www.takepart.com/homegrown

Savor the Central Coast!

savor sunsetSeptember 30 – October 3 – Don’t miss this!

Sunset puts on the best events. http://www.savorcentralcoast.com/

And once again they have it ALL, and focused on a spectacular area of California with reduced ticket prices for locals. Take a look:

  • Meet the Growers
  • Kitchen Garden – a 2 acre demonstration garden
  • Wineries – from Monterey to Ventura
  • Things to see and do – regional events
  • Meet the Greats – local authors, chefs, and foodies
  • Movable feast – food on carts coming to you
  • Chickens – why, how, where
  • Tour the Santa Margarita Ranch by Train
  • and so much more!

      Special Events:

  • Winemaker’s Dinners
  • Western Wine Awards Gala, VIP Tasting
  • Chris Isaak concert with a fireworks finale on Sunday

This looks like the most fun you can Pack into one Weekend!!

  • Admission to The Main Event for Saturday or Sunday with a single day ticket is $85.00, 2-day (Saturday and Sunday) admission ticket is $150.00
  • For locals. $75.00 for one day OR 2-day (Saturday and Sunday) $130.00  Local ticket purchases are based on the ZIP codes of San Luis Obispo County.