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Sugar and the Brain

Very interesting 45 minute video about sugar produced in Canada.

Around 29 minutes into the video, there is an interesting experiment involving rats. One was fed a regular rat diet, another was fed a typical human diet rich in added sugars. The experiment involves putting the rat into a tub of water and seeing how fast it can swim to safety. The rat fed the regular rat diet has no problem and quickly swims to safety. The human-diet rat has great difficulty finding the safe spot. The purpose of the experiment was to show the adverse affect of sugar on the brain. There are many other interesting things in this video, but this demonstration was very memorable.

Another documentary you might have seen is Robert Lustig’s Sugar:  The Bitter Truth.  If not, it’s at:


Well worth watching.  I need to watch it again; it’s a lot of good info, but it’s pretty detailed.

Thanks Gail for sharing this– rather shocking but good to know!